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USCIS: F-1 Students No Longer Need to File COS Extensions

Thursday July 22, 2021 | by WES Advisor

change of status COS f1 USCIS

This week, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a policy update that is intended to lessen the burden on those hoping to complete a change of status (COS) and enroll as international students. The new policy states that nonimmigrants do ...

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Spotlight on Success: Nada El Masry

Thursday June 24, 2021 | by WES Advisor

refugee leader

In honor of World Refugee Day on June 20, learn about one of our grantee partners with the WES Mariam Assefa Fund. Nada El Masry’s family fled Palestine during its vicious ethnic cleansing effort in the 1960s. Displaced to Libya, they were denied ...

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WES Announces New Apostille Policy for Original Documents

Thursday May 27, 2021 | by WES Advisor

apostille country original documents

For over a decade, World Education Services (WES) maintained an “apostille” requirement for several countries. Applicants who studied in those countries needed to mail their original documents, with apostille authentication, to WES. Once their report was complete, their original documents would be returned. ...

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From Teaching to Learning: A Refugee’s Story of Resilience

Friday May 21, 2021 | by Marcia Barroso

Ninos Ishaia Syrian refugee story

Ninos Ishaia and his wife Nancy are just two of the 6.6 million Syrians that left their country to escape its civil war. Before coming to Ontario, Canada, the couple had lived for more than two years in Lebanon. Five years have passed since Ninos joined more than 70,000 Syrian refugees who settled in Canada, but he vividly remembers the fears that came with ...

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Stories of Immigrants: Giovanna Romero Sarubbi

Monday May 3, 2021 | by Wilma Lee

immigrant success story

World Education Services (WES) believes in the power of storytelling and shared resources. In 2019, we reached out to immigrants across North America. We asked about their reasons for leaving home, their challenges along the way, and the advice they would like to ...

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