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Showing of Advisor Blog Posts

Enter to Win the 2017 IEW Essay Contest

Wednesday October 18, 2017 | by WES Advisor

2017 IEW Essay Contest

We’re excited to announce the 2017 International Education Week (IEW) essay contest, which is now accepting submissions! IEW, which takes November 13 – 17, 2017, is a U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education initiative that promotes international education, study abroad, and global student exchanges. WES is...

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6 Tips for International Students in New York City

Tuesday October 17, 2017 | by Mehran A. Tehrani

New York City skyline

If you’re coming to New York City to improve your English, to study for a new degree, or if you want to continue your education here as a transfer student, then this blog post is for you. I remember my first day in New York City: I was thrilled to...

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Joining a Social Cause on Your College Campus

Thursday October 12, 2017 | by StudyPortals

college students smiling with globe

Going to college happens at a time in your life when you can decide what you’re most passionate about. This includes deciding what your convictions are and how you feel about what is happening around the world. A place full of ideas, your university offers you plenty of people...

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How to Determine Company Culture When Applying for a Job

Tuesday October 10, 2017 | by Susan Ranford

Creative business people meeting in conference room

Company culture is a complex subject that is important to consider when deciding where you want to work. In the simplest terms, company culture is a combination of the beliefs, values, goals, community, environment, and anything else that guides the general ethos of a business. Some companies keep their...

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International Students in the U.S.: Fall 2017 Trends

Friday October 6, 2017 | by Kelly Acheson

international graduate student in the U.S.

The International Institute of Education (IIE) has published its latest report on the expectations for international student enrollment at U.S. higher education institutions for fall 2017. How is the United States’ shifting political climate affecting enrollment at colleges and universities? And has international student enrollment at U.S. universities been...

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