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6 Tips to Improve Your IELTS Academic Reading Score

Friday February 21, 2020 | by Roshan Patroo

ielts reading

The IELTS Academic Reading test can be challenging, so it is important to make sure you are well prepared. Never take any IELTS test for granted. Prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more—the six tips below will help you. Make sure to put them into practice by doing lots...

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What Are You Doing Wrong on Your Résumé?

Tuesday February 18, 2020 | by Samuel Johns

format resume u.s.

Is something in your résumé keeping you from finding a job in the United States? While you might have a great education and plenty of experience, the way that you present this information is what matters most. If you aren’t formatting your résumé correctly, then employers will not even...

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How to Negotiate Salary as a Newcomer

Tuesday February 11, 2020 | by Tunde Omotoye

how to negotiate salary

WES Ambassador Tunde Omotoye started his career as a Human Resources Associate in Nigeria. He certainly understood how the hiring process worked! However, he needed to learn an entirely new process when he immigrated to Canada. (You can read his success story here.)  One of the biggest challenges is...

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How Newcomers Can Build Credit in the U.S.

Tuesday February 4, 2020 | by Akinyi Ochieng

how to build credit in the U.S.

In the United States, a good credit score can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. However, newcomers do not have a credit score when they arrive in the U.S. This can make it difficult to settle into your new life. For example, you might need to demonstrate...

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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Scores

Friday January 31, 2020 | by Akinyi Ochieng

credit scores

When you think about “success,” one thing you probably think about is financial security. If you have recently moved to the United States, you might pursue success by continuing your education or starting a new career. However, getting a great job and saving money isn’t necessarily enough to guarantee...

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