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Driven by Education: Why Hina Received a WES Credential Evaluation

Monday | October 30, 2023 | by WES Advisor

Hina Gul obtained a WES credential evaluation to support her goal of immigrating to Canada. We spoke to Hina about her educational and career plans, and discussed how a credential evaluation will help her begin a new life in Canada.  

Teaching to Transform Lives 

Meet Hina Gul, a high school teacher in Pakistan. She shares with us that her life is enriched by daily interactions with her students, who constantly offer her opportunities to learn and grow. 

Why did she become an educator? Hina says, “I chose to become a teacher because I believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. I’m driven by the opportunity to inspire and guide students.”  

However, her job is not without its challenges. Like most teachers, Hina must tailor her lessons so that they resonate with her students. She has adopted a multi-faceted approach to teaching that includes assessing her students’ needs and asking about their preferences. With interactive discussions, hands-on activities, visual aids, and technology-based tools, she reinforces her lessons and engages her students.  

Receiving a WES Credential Evaluation 

Hina’s primary goal is to immigrate to Canada. “Canada’s reputation for diversity, quality education, health care, and numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth are appealing to me.”  

Her decision to obtain a WES credential evaluation was influenced by the recommendations of numerous family members and friends who had previously received effective and prompt service from WES.  

“I heard from many people that WES was the best and gave results on time. My family encouraged me to get my evaluation from WES.” Hina obtained a WES credential evaluation to support her plans to pursue a Master of Science degree. Continuing her education will place her one step closer to fulfilling her life goal of settling in Canada. 

Hina hopes that her WES credential evaluation will not only authenticate her qualifications but also strengthen her Express Entry profile, while bringing her closer to realizing her dream of obtaining a visa.  

She also hopes that continuing her education will help her to advance in her career as an educator. She wants to attain professional success and settle in Canada permanently.  

Tips for Receiving a Credential Evaluation 

To those thinking about obtaining a WES credential evaluation, Hina offers valuable advice. She suggests initiating the process online early. You can quickly and easily create an account to start the credential evaluation process 

For applicants with academic credentials from Pakistan, she emphasizes the importance of verifying your credentials with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) before scheduling an appointment with HEC. This approach can streamline the evaluation process and save precious time.  

Her final piece of advice for any applicant pursuing immigration to Canada: “Stay positive and focused on your goal of pursuing an education and career in Canada. It’s a rewarding journey.” 

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