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The WES Credential Evaluation Process Explained

Tuesday | June 4, 2024 | by WES Advisor

Have you ever wondered how the credential evaluation process works? In this article, we’ll explain what happens once we receive your documents for evaluation.

Stage 1: Document Imaging 

When your documents arrive at WES, they are carefully reviewed and scanned into our system. In many cases, we can accept electronic documents directly from your academic institution which streamlines this step.  

For an overview of how to send electronic records to WES, read this blog post. We also suggest visiting our Required Documents page to learn if your institution offers an electronic transmission option. If your institution does not have a digital arrangement with WES, a representative from the institution may contact us to request a digital partnership 

Once your files are in our system, you will see the following status update in your WES account: “We are processing a new package or document for your application.” 

If you have questions about your documents, please contact our Customer Support team (US/CA). 

Stage 2: Document Review and Authentication 

During this stage, you will see the following update in your account timeline: “We are reviewing your documents.”  

Once your documents are received, our case analysts ensure that all documents are complete and submitted as specified by WES. After reviewing, analysts determine whether your documents are approved and ready to move forward to the next stage.  

Typically, the next stage will fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Moving Forward: If the evaluators determine that all the required documents are authentic and complete, they place the file in the queue for evaluation and issue an estimated date of completion. At this step, the dashboard in your WES account will be updated to say, “We are reviewing your evaluation.”
  • Secondary Verification: If the evaluators determine that any of the documents require secondary verification, they will directly notify the appropriate institution, and you will see the following status update in your WES account: “We are waiting for your institution(s) to verify your documents.”
  • Missing Documents: If evaluators notice that required documentation or information is missing, they will contact you and request the missing documents. During this step, your WES account will reflect the following status message: “We are waiting for your documents.”

When a file needs secondary verification or additional documents, it is placed on hold. It is only when all the necessary information and verification has been obtained that the file is ready for evaluation and a completion date is determined. 

Stage 3: Analysis and Equivalency Assessment 

Once all documents are received, reviewed, and approved, we can begin your evaluation. Handling this phase are our evaluation specialists, each of whom has country-specific knowledge. They review the authenticated documents for accuracy and completeness, and then generate a draft of your evaluation report. 

While your evaluation is in progress, you will see the following status update in your WES account: “We are analyzing and evaluating your documents.” 

Stage 4: Evaluation Report Production 

The final phase involves quality control. Specialists review the draft of your evaluation report and make any necessary changes. Once it has been approved and finalized, they send the report to be printed and mailed or electronically delivered. During this stage, you will see this update in your WES account: “Your report is under final review and your evaluation will be sent to your recipient(s).” 

Additional Help and Resources 

We understand that the credential evaluation process can be complex, but there are a few ways to get answers to your questions and stay up to date on the progress of your order.  

  • Log in to your WES account to check your order status. 
  • Visit our Help Center (US/CA) for answers to frequently asked questions. 
  • Contact our Customer Support team (US/CA). 

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