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How to Get Your Indian Degree Evaluated

Monday | February 26, 2024 | by WES Advisor

We often hear the question, Can I use my Indian degree in the United States or Canada? The answer is yes! In fact, having your Indian degree evaluated by WES could set you up for your next big opportunity—whether that’s getting re-licensed in your occupation, continuing your education, or seeking employment after graduation. Watch the quick video down below to learn more!

Lets talk about why a credential evaluation report could be a useful tool. A credential evaluation can help you make full use of the skills, training, and education you received in India. It allows organizations such as academic institutions, licensing boards, and employers to compare your Indian degree and credentials to U.S. or Canadian educational standards. Being able to include a credential evaluation during the screening, admissions, or hiring process can streamline the process for both applicants and organizations. 

Whether youre at the beginning stages of planning your relocation or you already live in the U.S. or Canada, receiving a credential evaluation will help you leverage the education you obtained in India—and set you up to pursue your goals with confidence.  

Getting started with your credential evaluation 

Having your Indian degree evaluated through WES is simple —follow these three key steps: 

  1. Complete an online application. 
  2. Receive your unique WES reference number—you’ll need this number in your communications and to help your institution submit your documents to WES. 
  3. Work with your institution to submit your required documents for evaluation.  

Once WES has received, verified, and accepted all your required documents, we will begin the credential evaluation process. Once the process has begun, it takes on average eight days or less for us to complete your evaluation. 

Read more about how long it takes to obtain a credential evaluation.   

Sending required documents to WES

Once you have completed your application and received a WES reference number, you will need to have your academic documents sent to WES.  

Before submitting a request to your academic institution to send your documents to WES, it is important to review your institution’s website and your required documents which can be viewed by signing into My Account.  

The institution where you earned your degree must send your official documents directly to WES. Many Indian institutions have a designated office at the registrar that handles document requests.

There are three main methods institutions can use to deliver electronic documents to WES: 

  • Online Platform 
  • Direct Transmission Channels 
  • Email

WES partners with institutions around the world to enable the secure electronic transmission of files. Check with your institution to confirm if it has such an arrangement with WES. If it does not, please ask someone at the institution who is authorized to send academic records to complete our Digital Partnership Form 

You can upload some documents yourself, such as degree certificates and translations, via My Account. This is not a requirement for all applications though. Log in to My Account to access your list of required documents to determine whether you need to provide these additional files.  

Read this article for further instructions and details on how to send electronic academic records to WES.  

Additional note 

There are many Indian institutes for Ayurveda, Unani, and Siddha indigenous medical systems, which cannot currently be evaluated by WES. If possible, find out if your school or program is eligible before completing an application or sending your documents for credential evaluation. 

Start your application for a credential evaluation today! 

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