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Mirriam’s Story: Achieving Goals with a WES Credential Evaluation

Wednesday | April 17, 2024 | by WES Advisor

Today, Mirriam Mutemba Mbanga is a registered nurse at the Ministry of Health Zambia. But as a child, she dreamed of moving away from her home country. To hear about what motivates Mirriam, and how she hopes a WES credential evaluation will help her achieve her goals, keep reading.

Reaching Milestones

Inspired by her mother’s belief that she would make an excellent nurse, Mirriam chose a career in nursing. She recounts, “I used to tend to all my siblings when they were sick, and it brought me joy to see them recover.”

Mirriam studied at a nursing school in Zambia, Copperbelt Nursing Polytechnic, where she rose to the difficult challenge of balancing the roles of mother, wife, and student while also working to pay her tuition fees. However, Mirriam believes that everything ultimately fell into place. “I believed that God had a future for me, and looking back now, I appreciate all He has provided. It all worked out, and I don’t regret becoming a nurse.”

In the eyes of her family and community, Mirriam’s education is highly valued. As a trained nurse, she can lend her skills to those in need. People often turn to her for advice on health matters, and she shares her knowledge not only in health care settings but also at church.

Mirriam now lives in Solwezi, the provincial capital of Zambia’s Northwestern Province, and she continues to work steadfastly toward achieving her goals. She recently accomplished one—to acquire a WES evaluation. Her long-term goal is to establish a career in Canada or the United States, where she will seek opportunities to make contributions to global health as an internationally educated nurse.

Obtaining a WES Credential Evaluation

Mirriam explains why she chose WES: “I decided to receive a WES credential evaluation because the time they take to give the report is short and quick. It also puts me on the world map and opens doors for me to be recognized anywhere in the world.”

She hopes that the credential evaluation will help broaden her career prospects and bring her closer to her goal of working abroad.

“I am delighted with my choice of WES,” she says. With her WES report in hand, Mirriam is eager to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

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