WES continues to receive academic documents from institutions around the globe, including 7,500 that now send us secure digital files. For updates, visit our notifications page.

About the WES Gateway Program

The WES Gateway Program assesses the educational credentials of individuals who, as a result of adverse circumstances in their country of education, have limited proof of their academic achievements. The program was launched in Canada in 2018; it is now being piloted in the U.S. through a limited number of designated partner organizations.

WES works with these partners to identify qualified individuals educated in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela as participants in the Gateway Program. 
To learn more about the program’s impact, read stories from individuals who have used a WES Gateway Program credential evaluation report to pursue their academic and professional goals.

Providing Displaced Individuals with Tools to Succeed

To evaluate credentials for WES Gateway Program participants, WES draws on more than 45 years of expertise in credential evaluation and international education systems as well as sample documents from our database of more than 23,000 different academic credentials.

The evaluation reports we issue through the program are designed to help displaced individuals continue their education, become licensed in their field, or take the next step in their career in the United States.

Referral Partners

WES works with a limited number of partner organizations across the U.S. to refer individuals to the WES Gateway Program. These referral organizations confirm the eligibility of prospective applicants, submit documents for evaluation, and provide additional information. WES will continue to update this map as we partner with additional referral organizations. To connect with a referral partner or inquire about the opportunity to work with us in the future, please contact us.