Credential Evaluations

WES evaluates academic credentials from more than 48,000 institutions in 203 countries and territories around the world. Our industry-standard reports are recognized by thousands of academic institutions, licensing bodies, and employers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since 1974, we have provided more than three million people from around the world with top-quality credential evaluation services. Let us help you.

International Students, Immigrants, and Job Seekers

Showcase your educational accomplishments with a verified report that is both accepted and respected by licensing boards, academic institutions, and employers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Your future starts here.

For Refugees and Displaced Persons

WES strives to open pathways for individuals with international credentials. Individuals who have been displaced as a result of adverse circumstances in their country and have limited proof of academic achievements may be eligible for an alternative credential assessment through the WES Gateway Program.

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For Academic Institutions

WES is the leading credential evaluation services provider in North America. We have provided 3 million applicants with best-in-class credential evaluations that are accepted by 2,500 employers, academic institutions, and regulators in the United States and Canada. We can help you, too.

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For Other Users

Licensing Bodies

WES verifies and authenticates the degrees and transcripts of internationally educated professionals seeking to obtain licensing in the United States.

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Gain insight into best practices & practical solutions for hiring refugee talent & other internationally educated candidates.

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Our live and on-demand events are designed to assist international students and immigrants in their quest to pursue an education or career in the United States or Canada

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