Our Expertise. Your Success.

Our Expertise.
Your Success.

If you work for an academic institution, licensing board, or an employer, you have likely struggled to verify and understand how a candidate’s international education compares to educational standards in the United States or Canada. That’s where WES can help.

Join the nearly 4,600 institutions that trust and rely on WES for their international academic credential evaluation needs and requirements.

A trusted partner to thousands of academic institutions, licensing bodies, immigration authorities, and employers.

WES has completed more than 3 million evaluations for international students and professionals over the past 50 years. WES evaluates academic credentials issued by more than 48,000 institutions in 203 countries and territories.

  • Streamline and scale processes.

    When you work with WES, you’re supported by our highly trained credential evaluation specialists who are equipped with the latest research and resources, including an extensive evaluation database built on 50 years of experience. Streamline and scale your processes by referring your candidates to WES for their credential evaluation.

  • Protect yourself from fraud.

    Documents submitted to WES undergo a rigorous authentication and verification process that sets us apart from other providers. Partnering with WES can help your institution minimize the risk of exposure to fraudulent documents and “degrees” generated by diploma mills. To protect the integrity of your screening and admissions processes, refer candidates to WES.

  • Maintain industry standards.

    International immigration trends and policies can change rapidly. Organizations that recruit and enroll international candidates must regularly review their processes to ensure that best practices are followed and standards are met. WES can serve as the partner and resource your organization needs.

  • Save staff time.

    With WES, your office can save time and costs. We will complete your candidates’ credential evaluations—allowing your staff to focus on other essential tasks and projects. Applicants have told us how a WES credential evaluation has also saved them time and money. Many have been able to pursue their educational or professional goals without having to repeat coursework or training.

By the Numbers

For 50 years, WES has supported international candidates’ efforts to continue their education or career in the U.S. and Canada. Here is a quick snapshot about us and our work in the field of credential evaluation.


Credential evaluations issued


Digital partnerships, enabling a faster and more secure completion of evaluations


Clients streamline their processes by using our Slate integration


Languages spoken by our staff of nearly 400 from more than 60 countries

Trusted by More Than 10,000 Partners

Hear from Our Partners

“I am so thankful for the services that WES provides because it makes my work ten times easier.”

Admissions Representative
George Mason University

“Anytime there have been questions about reports for licensees, the WES team has provided timely assistance and helped to resolve issues for licensee applicants as quickly as possible.”

Associate Director for Education
North Dakota Board of Nursing

“WES helps us in our job a lot, especially the detailed information provided about credentials and their online portal which makes the delivery process smooth and speedy. We always get a quick response every time we contact WES.”

Human Resources
Seneca College

Partner Testimonials

“WES is the gold standard for credential evaluations. The resources and tools available on the WES website are second to none.”

Sr. Admissions Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University

“When hiring employees at Niagara College, it is essential that they have the required credentials for the position. Assessing the Canadian equivalency of international credentials has posed some challenges for us in the past. The process is complex and very time-consuming. Niagara College has partnered with WES for more than ten years and has proven to be a reliable resource.”

Human Resources, Niagara College

“WES evaluations provide our admissions committee with reliable, accurate information regarding our applicants’ educational backgrounds and eliminate the possibility of erroneous assumptions on our part. The fast, secure, online delivery of the evaluation reports keeps our review process moving quickly.”

Director of INFO Student Services & MS-MIS Program, Texas A&M University

“WES is an essential part of our day-to-day admissions operations. We use the WES iGPA Calculator for immediate international GPA calculations on a 4.0 scale. We would find it challenging to operate without the services WES offers.”

Admissions Analyst, Georgetown University

“Given the high volume of applications we receive from international students, the use of WES services allows our admissions office to review applications more efficiently and know that the information we review is accurate and detailed.”

Admissions Officer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“The level of service that WES consistently delivers, and the ongoing commitment to excellence that the organization has established, has positioned them as a valuable and respected partner of NDBON.”

Associate Director for Education, North Dakota Board of Nursing

"It has been a pleasure to work with WES for over 15 years. Their expertise and vast knowledge of international curricula have been invaluable to us over the years, as well as their ongoing support in assisting students with their assessments in a time-sensitive manner. We trust documents are verified with accuracy, and we are always able to ask questions and get prompt, helpful answers. With WES, we do not feel alone when learning new curricula and navigating complicated documents; we know we can stand behind their good work."

McMaster University, Undergraduate Admissions

How to Partner with WES

We understand that each partner’s needs are unique, and so we are pleased to offer a number of services and products to help you and your organization streamline, scale, and succeed.


Referral Partner

Become a referral partner by directing your candidates to WES. It’s as easy as placing a link to WES.org on your admissions requirements page. View our referral toolkit for instructions and sample language. .

Digital Delivery


With our free electronic portal, AccessWES, your office can quickly and securely receive copies of your candidates’ authenticated documents and evaluation reports. Sign in to the portal to download reports and track the progress of your candidates’ credential evaluation.


Slate Integration

Utilize our convenient API integration with Slate. Upon completing your candidate’s credential evaluation, we will automatically upload a completed copy into Slate or your preferred CRM, saving you time and resources.


Bespoke Partnership Plan

Seeking a more tailored arrangement for your program? WES is ready to work with you to design a custom plan that will fulfill your unique processes and requirements. Connect with our team to learn more about this option.

Meet Some of Our Experts

Our staff are passionate about helping international students and professionals thrive in new places. They are also committed to helping our partners succeed. Meet with us to learn more.