The IMPRINT Coalition membership application period is now open. Join IMPRINT to advance public policies and programs that support the inclusion of immigrants and those who have experienced forced migration.

Global Talent Leadership Network

Based at WES Global Talent Bridge, the Global Talent Leadership Network (GTLN) is a hub for immigrant- and refugee-led organizations that support the economic inclusion of immigrants and refugees who hold international credentials in the United States. Organizations run by immigrants for immigrants play an integral role in fostering pathways that enable success and advancing programs and policies that promote equity and economic inclusion.

Channeling the Potential of Networks

Raising awareness of member organizations

Fostering collaboration

Supporting leadership development

Membership Benefits

As part of GTLN, immigrant and refugee leaders can tap into the experience of WES Global Talent Bridge in advocating for systems change, strengthening the capacity and networks of our partners, and providing resources for immigrants and refugees to effectively navigate career pathways.

Through GTLN, leaders can bolster their efforts by:

  • Increasing the visibility of their organizations
  • Connecting with other leaders, WES Global Talent Bridge, and key stakeholders to share expertise, information, and resources
  • Enhancing their programs and resources for members
  • Deepening their knowledge and skills
  • Influencing programs and policy


Organizations that meet the following criteria are invited to join:

  • Immigrant- or refugee-led (immigrants or refugees comprise the majority of the organization’s leadership)
  • Demonstrated efforts to support the economic mobility of immigrant and refugees who hold international credentials
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Our Network and Members

GTLN leaders represent immigrant- and refugee-led organizations that serve immigrants and refugees. They span diverse professional sectors, countries of origin, and U.S. geographies.