WES Global Talent Bridge®

Skilled immigrants who have left home to further their careers often face significant challenges when it comes to integrating within their host countries. WES addresses these challenges through its Global Talent Bridge® program. WES Global Talent Bridge provides community organizations and public agencies that assist newcomers with tools, training and other resources that help them improve their services and achieve their goals.

The WES Global Talent Bridge Partner Blog

Through its blog and email newsletter, WES Global Talent Bridge keeps partners, educators, researchers and policymakers updated on the issues that impact skilled immigration. Subscribers also receive copies of WES Global Talent Bridge’s latest research reports and policy briefs.


WES Global Talent Bridge works with national and regional partners to help put skilled immigrants on the path to personal and professional success.

Partnerships include:

  • Seminars, webinars and other technical assistance for partner staff
  • Co-produced Pathways to Success® seminars designed for skilled immigrants
  • Joint research reports, conference presentations and interactive guides
  • Collaboration on federal and state-level advocacy for a “shared-skills” agenda to address brain waste

Research Reports & Policy Advocacy

WES Global Talent Bridge serves both as a source for original research on skilled immigrant integration and as a portal for relevant work by partners. Recent reports include “Untapped Talent,” an analysis of the economic costs of brain waste, and “Steps to Success,” a study on the factors that help or hinder skilled immigrants in achieving professional success in their new countries. Contact WES Global Talent Bridge to learn more about research on skilled immigrant integration.

WES also hosts IMPRINT, a national coalition of nonprofit organizations that identifies and promotes best practices, and advocates for policies that facilitate the integration of immigrant professionals into the U.S. economy.

Training & Tools

When it comes to helping skilled immigrants, WES Global Talent Bridge takes a hands-on approach. It provides its Supporting Skilled Immigrants toolkit and other practical resources for educators, service providers and others who work in the field. WES Global Talent Bridge also produces an ongoing series of webinars and training events for partners interested in improving their practices, accessing new research and learning about the latest developments in skilled-immigration policy.