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Engineering E-Guide: Career Pathways for International Engineers in the U.S.

Wednesday | March 27, 2019 | by Mia Nacamulli

Engineer at a construction site

Career Pathways in Engineering is a comprehensive, step-by-step e-guide. It discusses licensing and certification requirements for engineers in the United States, with state-specific resources.

You can download it directly from this post, completely free! Then you will be able to refer to it as often as necessary while you pursue your career goals.

This e-guide is part of the Career Pathways series by WES Global Talent Bridge. The series outlines strategic planning for internationally trained immigrants seeking work in, or related to, their established professional fields once they relocate to the U.S.

Will This E-Guide Help Me Find Engineering Work in the United States?

Earning an engineering license in the United States is probably very different from how it is done in your home country.

However, Career Pathways in Engineering can help you understand the steps involved in obtaining new credentials in the U.S. It can also direct you to the appropriate licensing bodies and organizations along the way. You will find advice to guide your career whether you are just starting out or if you are already an internationally trained engineer.

If the process of earning your engineering license in the United States seems too difficult, or you are interested in something new, this free e-guide also outlines career opportunities related to the field of engineering that do not require licensing. Once you choose a path, the guide will help you find state-specific information about achieving your new goal.

Engineering is a diverse field. Your potential roles and responsibilities will depend on your area of expertise, as well as your level of experience. Career Pathways in Engineering describes the most common areas of engineering, then names the most common job titles in those fields. Next, it describes the educational requirements and certifications necessary to qualify for each position.

The Career Pathways in Engineering e-guide also discusses alternate career paths. It explains how internationally trained engineers with transferable skills can use their education and training in a completely new and exciting way.

Start Now: Download the E-Guide

Career Pathways in Engineering

What Are Career Pathways E-Guides?

Career Pathways e-guides are a one-stop resource for skilled immigrants who wish to apply their education and skills in North America.

Each guide offers comprehensive strategies and resources, catering toward specific subject areas and skilled immigrant professionals.

Plus, they are completely free.

These free e-guides provide internationally trained professionals with the support they will need for every step of the journey toward professional success in the United States. That includes sector-specific advice on academic requirements, career options, and (when applicable) licensing and certification requirements.

Paul Feltman, deputy executive director for Global Talent Policy and Programs at WES, says that Career Pathways e-guides are “an essential reference for skilled immigrants who may have had to navigate their professional pathways on their own, with only limited resources available to them.”

What’s Next for Career Pathways?

This spring, WES Global Talent Bridge plans to release three new e-guides. They will focus on accounting, architecture, and IT.

Like Career Pathways in Engineering, the upcoming e-guides will provide:

  • Strategies for achieving career success
  • Charts highlighting licensing and certification requirements
  • Interactive worksheets and guides
  • Links to helpful resources in each subject

With these guides in hand, you can navigate your professional field of choice with confidence and support.

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Mia Nacamulli is the Communications Specialist at WES Global Talent Bridge.