WES Style Guide

Content Guides

Manage Your Content

Need to publish a blog post? Want to create a new web page? Need to update or translate content that already exists? This section explains how you can work with the content team to manage your content.

Publish a Blog Post

  • To have a blog post published on WES Advisor, please contact Katie Kohlbeck.
  • To submit a blog post or propose an idea to World Education News & Reviews (WENR), please contact Chris Mackie.
  • To submit a blog post to Global Talent Bridge, please contact Mia Nacamulli.
  • To submit a blog post to the WES Mariam Assefa Fund (Insights), please contact Silan Akgul.
  • To request an update or correction to the WES Style Guide, please contact Robin White Goode.

Create or Edit a Page on wes.org

To request a new page or edits to an existing page, please submit a ticket via the Communications Portal.

Add a Webinar or Event

To have an event or webinar added to the B2C or B2B event pages, please create a ticket in JIRA, and include:

  • The name of the event or webinar
  • The date(s) it will occur
  • The date when you would like it to appear on the website
  • Any related tickets that you are aware of, like a document or powerpoint that is being edited, booth materials that are being worked up, ticketing or signup landing pages, etc.