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Graphic Elements (Icons + Photography)


Icon sizes have been developed for consistent use in both digital and print applications. Three sizes correspond to various icons used on the website and in email, landing page and newsletter templates. Additional sizes must be created manually from the vector set.

Over 125 icons have been defined in a two-volume set and must be used for their specific purpose for brand consistency. Download the Icon Reference Guide below for identification and information.

Icons sets for IT and Marketing have been created in both WES green and white and are available for use in three sizes. The largest size is available with hover states for the website.

Larger icon sizes have been created for general use in PowerPoint templates or WORD documents.

To request the complete Nucleo Icon set:

• WES users, please open a Communications ticket.

• External users, please contact WES Communications.

Icons for Web Use


WES photography is clean and natural. It should express the idea of academia, discovery and mobility.

Use images that are single-focused, where the action of the image is clear. Images that convey energy, interaction and engagement further our messaging and are more likely to capture attention.

Use regular people (avoid model-type stock shots) representative of applicant and institutional customers. Combine with object imagery and WES Iconography to enhance and further the narrative.

Do not use any photography in any document that is not WES-approved and is not our stock library. If you need a specific image, please open a Communications ticket.

Click here for WES-approved stock library.

Photography Don'ts

The following examples represent incorrect image applications or selection.

Do not use images of:

• Women in sleeveless, spaghetti-strap or off-the-shoulder tops; in shorts or short skirts; or showing obvious cleavage.
• Men in muscle shirts or shorts.
• People sitting/laying on grass or the ground.
• Groups displaying over familiarity or touching that includes arms around shoulders or interlocked arms.

Color Space Options

Photography may be used in full color, duotone or black and white (for some conference program ads).

Duotone treatments are created by converting a four-color or black and white photo into a two-color image. Use a duotone treatment for special events or campaigns.

These are the color combination options for creating duotones:

Duotone 1
Subject = Black
Background = WES light gray

Duotone 2
Subject = WES blue
Background = WES light gray

Duotone 3
Subject = WES blue
Background = WES blue (tint)
(Best used in combination with graphics on top of image.)

WES Employee Headshots

Use circular employee headshots for consistency in look, style, and branding. You may size down the image but do not enlarge or distort the image.

Esther Benjamin

Country Flags

Use these 200+ country flags for consistency in look, style, and branding. You may size down the image but do not enlarge or distort the image.


Quotation Style

One large quotation mark above copy:
Sources Sans Pro / Bold
WES Green (#1f9055) or WES Blue (#013763)
2-3X quote body copy size

Quote body copy:
Montserrat or Source Sans Pro / Regular
WES Blue (#013763) or Black (#00000)
Emphasize words with bold, WES Green (#1f9055)

Left or center depending on the layout.

Source Sans Pro / Semibold
WES Blue (#013763) or Black (#00000)

Organization name:
Source Sans Pro / Regular
WES Blue (#013763) or Black (#00000)