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WES logos include core and programs including WES Global Talent Bridge and the WES Mariam Assefa Fund, in addition to the WES sub-brand logos for WENR. Download the main brand guidelines here for more information.

Clear Space

Clear space refers to the area around the logo that must remain free from other copy or images to ensure that the logo is not obscured. To maintain brand integrity, it is important to allow “clear space” when applying all WES logos.

Clear space instructions are included with each logo download.

Logo Dos

The following examples represent acceptable WES logo applications.


Use logos in WES green or reverse. The WES logos should never appear in WES blue or WES grays (WENR is the exception, and must follow its own style guide.) Use WES logos in black in one-color applications.


White, WES green, or WES light gray are the approved backgrounds for WES logos. WES dark gray is used for digital footers. (The only exception for a WES blue ground is for the exhibit table cover.)

Use WES logos with photography in clear areas that do not interfere with, or prohibit readability. For lighter areas use green logos and for darker areas use reverse logos.

Logo Don'ts

The following examples represent incorrect WES logo applications.

  • Don’t stretch the logo
  • Don’t change color
  • Don’t place over a busy image
  • Don’t crop
  • Don’t change the font
  • Don’t remove oval
  • Don’t rotate
  • Don’t outline
  • Don’t neglect clear space

Core Logo Variations

Bug: Use the core logo oval without type in footers and in smaller areas where the “WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES” type would be unreadable.

Favicon: Use the core logo oval without type or registration mark.

Core Logo Variations - Bug and Favicon

If you need a bug or favicon logo, please submit a Communications ticket.

WES Global Talent Bridge

WES Global Talent Bridge - Web + Digital

Colors are prepared in RGB and resolution is standard for web browsers (72dpi). Do not convert color to CMYK. NOTE: On some browsers you may need to right-click to save/download these zip files.

WES Global Talent Bridge - Print

If you need a logo for print use, please submit a Communications ticket.