Partner WES iGPA Frequently Asked Questions

The WES iGPA Calculator converts grades from a non-US grading scale into US equivalents and calculates GPAs on a 4.0 grading scale.

Anyone considering the qualifications of internationally-educated candidates, including: Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, Scholarship Committees, Financial Aid Offices, Athletic Departments, Study Abroad Offices, Transfer Credit Analysts, Human Resources Offices.

  1. Select the country of education from the drop-down menu. You may also enter the student/applicant’s name.
  2. Select a grading scale where applicable.
  3. Select whether the school year was divided into semesters or years from the next drop-down menu and enter the number of semesters/years you will be calculating. Hit the “Continue” button.
  4. A course worksheet opens up and after entering the courses, home credit and home grade client clicks a submit button and database instantly calculates the grades and GPA into U.S. equivalent.
  5. By tagging specific courses the GPA calculator will calculate a second GPA simultaneously (Major, last 2-years, etc).
  6. Click “Get GPA” button for instant results.

Yes. All completed GPA calculations are archived in the history tab for retrieval or further reference. The archived calculations are also printable.

The course worksheet will reopen by clicking on the edit button. This enables the user to make any necessary changes. Click the ‘Get GPA Button” to get the revised calculation. (Note: once a new calculation is started the previous record is archived and not editable.)

Yes. You can print a GPA at the time of completion as well as from the archives in the history tab. A print icon is visible for a quick print.

The WES iGPA Calculator allows you to quickly convert grades from education systems in over 135 countries. The scales available in the tool represent the most commonly used for each available country. If you have a credential with a different grading scale and need assistance, please contact us.

Very secure. The WES iGPA is on a secure server using VeriSign 128 bit encryption security features. Users with login and password have access to only the files they work on. Only an administrator on the account can view all files.

Since the WES iGPA Calculator works via the internet (and not by downloaded software) there should be no instability to your computer. Most issues can be resolved by refreshing your browser. If you have any technical questions, please contact us.

Colleges and universities will be billed an annual subscription fee based on the number of users licenses.

  • 2 User Account for $595
  • 3 User Account for $895
  • 5 User Account for $1295
  • 8 User Account for $1995
  • Unlimited User Account for $4995