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Here is our simple, three-step evaluation process:

Step 1

Submit your application and receive your WES reference number.

Step 2

Read our document requirements and send in your documents. You must indicate your WES reference number on all documents sent to WES.

Step 3

We verify your credentials, create your report, and deliver it to your recipients.

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We can complete your evaluation in seven business days after we receive and approve all your documents.

Trusted Evaluations

We have provided more than 1.5 million evaluations to international students and professionals.

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We have a diverse staff and a custom-built database that contains over 40 years of research.

Learn How WES Makes an Impact

Philanthropy: WES Mariam Assefa Fund

Our philanthropic initiative, the WES Mariam Assefa Fund, aims to catalyze economic opportunities and advancement for immigrants and refugees in the U.S. and Canada.