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WES Global Talent Bridge U.S. Program Map

The WES Global Talent Bridge U.S. Program Map features more than 100 programs and services that foster the economic and professional advancement of internationally trained immigrants and refugees in the United States. The programs focus on career preparation, contextualized English language learning, and licensing and credentialing guidance and are offered by a variety of service providers, including advocacy and public education institutions and technical assistance and resource providers. The map’s data tool displays demographic data on college-educated immigrants and refugees in the U.S.

About the Map:

The U.S. Program Map was designed to connect and inform service providers, technical assistance providers, researchers, policymakers, advocates, and funders. The map shows where there are efforts to open pathways to employment commensurate with the skills and experience of internationally educated immigrants and refugees. It also highlights opportunities for local engagement.

The U.S. Program Map showcases programs and services that meet the following criteria:

  • They are specifically designed to address the needs of internationally educated immigrants and refugees and have published resources aimed at meeting those needs
  • They have partnered with or are currently partnering with immigrant- and refugee-serving organizations or agencies
  • Their staff proactively engages with internationally educated immigrants and refugees

The programs on the map are self-reported and are not necessarily endorsed by WES.

Want to be featured?

If you would like your program or service to be featured on this map, please complete this 3-minute survey which will help us to determine your program’s eligibility. Kindly forward the survey link if you know of another organization that might be interested in being included. For more information, contact us here.