WES U.S. Policy Tracker

The WES U.S. Policy Tracker monitors state and federal policies that create pathways to employment and educational opportunity for immigrants, refugees, and other displaced people in the United States. This tracker supports the efforts of advocates, policymakers, and practitioners working to promote economic inclusion.

The WES U.S. Policy Tracker includes an interactive heat map and a bill database.

To navigate the tracker:

  • Filter results by selecting a state on the heat map.
  • To expand the bill database, select “Hide Map.”
  • Refine the policies displayed by using either the search bar or the filter feature at the top of each column and rearranging the columns.

Data in the WES U.S. Policy Tracker is sourced from Quorum Legislative Tracking Software.

Learn More

To learn about how immigration policies and practices impact communities, including international students, refugee students, and other immigrant students, visit the Higher Ed Immigration Portal, a strategic project of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration.

For more information on policies that impact refugees and other people seeking humanitarian protection, visit this policy tracker from the International Rescue Committee in partnership with the Refugee Advocacy Lab.