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Why Do I Need a Credential Evaluation?

Wednesday | October 25, 2023 | by WES Advisor

A credential evaluation verifies an individual’s academic credentials, making their educational background and achievements more accessible to institutions and organizations. Institutions such as colleges, universities, employers, and licensing boards commonly review credential evaluation reports as part of their screening process.

For these reasons, a credential evaluation is a valuable tool for international students and professionals seeking to pursue new goals in the United States or Canada. Keep reading to learn more about credential evaluations and why it is a good idea to obtain one as you pursue new academic and career opportunities in the U.S. or Canada.

What is a credential evaluation? 

Before we discuss why you might need a credential evaluation, you might wonder, what is a credential evaluation?  

The credential evaluation process compares international academic credentials and coursework from one country to those in another—and details the equivalencies in a final report that can be provided to institutions like colleges and universities, licensing bodies, and employers. These institutions review credential evaluation reports so they can may better understand their applicants’ international education, experience, and qualifications.  

Why do I need a credential evaluation? 

A credential evaluation report can support and enhance your application to higher education institutions, licensing bodies, and prospective employers. 

With a credential evaluation report, applicants can easily confirm their eligibility for an academic program, career path, or professional licensing. Professionals in certain fields may need a credential evaluation report to confirm their qualifications and eligibility to pursue an occupation in their new country. Many licensing boards request a credential evaluation as part of the licensure requirements 

A credential evaluation may help you save time and money, as well. The credential evaluation process confirms that you have completed required coursework for a specific academic program or career. Instead of starting over, you may eliminate the need to repeat coursework and instead utilize your education to seek new opportunities. 

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Why should I receive a WES credential evaluation? 

WES reports are widely accepted and trusted by thousands of institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Some institutions even require a credential evaluation from WES. Be sure to check with the academic institution, employer, or licensing board you plan to apply to see if it requires a certain report type or provider. 

Here are three more reasons to consider a WES credential evaluation: 

  • Verification process: We include a verification step before beginning the credential evaluation process. We work with issuing institutions to verify the authenticity of each applicant’s submitted academic documents. This step reassures the receiving institution, such as a college, university, employer, or licensing board, that we have verified your academic documents—so they don’t have to. Plus, if you select ICAP with your credential evaluation, we will store your verified documents for future use and reference. 
  • Lifelong value: Applicants may order additional copies of their completed evaluation at any time. This is a unique offering—some providers will not release copies of an evaluation after a certain period of time. Our evaluation is available to you forever, and we send duplicate copies within 24 hours of receiving a request. This empowers students and professionals to demonstrate the value of their international education. 
  • Social impact: WES is a nonprofit social enterprise. Our mission is to help international students, immigrants, and refugees make use of their education to thrive in new places. In addition to its credential evaluation services, WES is active in policy work, research, and philanthropic efforts to support newcomers to the U.S. and Canada.  

Next steps for a credential evaluation 

If you are ready to prepare for your future opportunities in the U.S. or Canada, WES is prepared to be a partner in your journey! 

See our blog post containing detailed instructions to help you get started with your WES credential evaluation, or create an account to begin your application.  

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