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What Is a Course-by-Course Evaluation and When Do I Need One?

Tuesday | January 10, 2023 | by WES Advisor


Did you receive a WES Document-by-Document (DxD) report to support your employment, education, or immigration goals in the United States or Canada? As opportunities arise in your new home country, you could benefit from upgrading your report to a WES Course-by-Course (CxC) evaluation.  

In this blog post, we will explore a few reasons to consider upgrading to a CxC evaluation. 

Overview of the Evaluation Types  

First, let’s review our two primary types of evaluation reports:  

  • Document-by-Document (DxD): A standard DxD report identifies and describes each credential—such as a degree or diploma—that you submit to WES. It also provides the equivalent credential in terms of U.S. or Canadian education. A DxD is appropriate for immigration and employment purposes, and for entering a college or university program as a first-year student. 
  • Course-by-Course (CxC): Like the DxD, a CxC evaluation provides the U.S. or Canadian equivalency for each credential you have earned. But this evaluation also includes a detailed analysis of each course listed on your transcript. In addition to providing the equivalent credential, the CxC includes your semester credits and grades converted and a calculated GPA. A CxC evaluation meets the requirements of licensing boards and higher education graduate programs. evaluation is appropriate for licensing boards and for higher education such as a graduate program. 

You can see a sample of the DxD and CxC evaluations here.

When to Upgrade to a CxC Report 

Each year, thousands of applicants upgrade their WES standard DxD report to a CxC report. CxC is required by many colleges, universities, and professional licensing bodies in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, upgrading your report can help you prepare for new opportunities in your career and education. 

Below are three reasons for upgrading to a CxC report.  

  • You are returning to school to complete a degree: If you are transferring to a new school to finish your previous or current program, then you might need a CxC. The U.S. or Canadian institution you are applying to will need to thoroughly assess the courses you have completed thus far. A CxC may prevent you from having to repeat courses and shows that you are a good candidate for an institution or program. 

    Note: WES provides CxC evaluation reports for in-progress and incomplete degree programs.

  • You are applying for a professional license: Licensing boards (also known as licensing bodies) in the U.S. and Canada often require a CxC. If you earned some or all of your credentials abroad but want to apply for a license in the U.S. or Canada, then you might need to provide a detailed CxC to show the scope of courses you have taken as well as how your credit hours and grades convert to U.S. and Canadian standards. However, before applying for an academic credential evaluation, contact your local licensing board or body to confirm its requirements.
  • You are applying to college or university: You will most likely need to upgrade to a CxC if you are applying to a college or university program in the U.S. or Canada. Be sure to check with the institution and confirm its credential evaluation requirements. Most institutions will ask for a more in-depth review of your academic history than a DxD report provides. Also, with a CxC, you can negotiate credit transfers with the institution you are applying to.   

Final Thoughts  

It is important to note that upgrading your evaluation report can only be done within the same country where you initially obtained your WES evaluation report, either in the U.S. or in Canada.  For example, if you previously ordered an ECA for Canada and you’re now interested in getting a CxC that showcases your courses, credit hours, grades, and GPA, then you need to apply for a Canadian CxC.   

Ready to upgrade to a CxC evaluation? Take the next steps and log in to your WES Account 

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