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What is WES ICAP?

Monday | July 30, 2018 | by Justine D’Souza


When you order a WES credential evaluation, you have the option of choosing between a basic or ICAP package. What is ICAP and why should you choose this service? ICAP stands for international credential advantage package. The service stores an applicant’s documents to facilitate the process of sending WES-verified transcripts to universities or other designated recipients. Additionally, ICAP packages include the WES digital badge, which you can use to provide real-time, verified credentials to anyone online. All WES credential evaluation reports can include ICAP.

ICAP ensures that a WES credential evaluation includes verified academic documents in addition to the evaluation report itself. However, ordering ICAP does not provide an extra or separate report; this service simply allows WES to send your verified academic documents directly to your designated recipients at any time.

WES applicants can choose ICAP during the initial application phase, upgrade for ICAP during the evaluation process, or order ICAP after the report has been completed. Ordering ICAP can be done online by visiting My Account.

ICAP costs $45 USD for in-progress U.S. evaluations and $80 USD for completed U.S. evaluations. In Canada, the ICAP service costs $35 CAD for in-progress evaluations and $100 CAD for completed evaluations. If you order an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Canadian immigration purposes, note that ICAP is already included in the price of this report.

Applicants who have already selected ICAP can order extra copies later for $30 (USD and CAD). The regular extra copy price is $50 (USD and CAD) per report, so ordering ICAP provides a $20 (USD and CAD) discount.

What are the Benefits of WES ICAP?

Some institutions want to see transcripts and degree certificates themselves, so ordering ICAP is beneficial for applicants whose institutions may have this requirement. ICAP is also a good choice for applicants who know that they may need extra copies of their reports in the future.

*Please note that ICAP is not available for evaluations received before January 1, 2007.

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Justine D'Souza

Justine D’Souza is the Social Media and Community Management Associate at World Education Services.