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Credential Evaluations for Accounting Examination Candidates

Friday | April 28, 2017 | by WES Advisor

accounting credential evaluation

For internationally educated candidates who plan to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exams, it is important to follow specific instructions when applying for a credential evaluation with World Education Services (WES). To ensure that your evaluation is processed quickly, you must submit an application and all academic documents as required.

We strongly advise that you verify all requirements, including those related to academic credential evaluation, with the state accountancy board to which you will be submitting your application.

Note: Please confirm with the CPA Board to which you are applying if a WES evaluation will be accepted.

Read on to get answers to important questions regarding the credential evaluation process for CPA and CMA examination candidates.

Which type of evaluation should I request?

For CPA examinations, the CPA Board Evaluation (designed specifically for accounting boards) is required. The evaluation identifies business and accounting courses and indicates their level.

For the CMA examination, a Document-by-Document evaluation is sufficient.

In both cases, it is important that on the WES application form, you select “professional licensing/certification” as the primary purpose for the evaluation and indicate the state CPA board(s) to which your report should be sent. WES maintains the addresses of all the U.S. state boards.

What if I want to take both the CPA and CMA examinations?

If you plan to take both the CPA and CMA examinations, then select the CPA Board Evaluation, which will be accepted for both examinations.

What documents should I submit?

The WES application form and the Required Documents sections of our website provide instructions on the documents required for each country. Please read and follow those instructions carefully.

For a CPA Board Evaluation, you should submit your formal, university-issued degree or diploma certificate with transcripts or marksheets listing all subjects studied, the examinations taken, and grades earned. All academic records must be issued on official university stationery and bear the signature and seal of the authorized university official.

You should carefully review the detailed requirements for your country of education, which are provided in the Required Documents page of our website. The page also includes information on uploading some documents—including degree certificates and translations—through My Account and lists a growing number of institutions that can transmit your academic transcripts/mark sheets to us electronically.

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Furthermore, each U.S. state board of accounting has its own specific requirements that you must follow. It is extremely important that you check with the state board about its requirements.

What if my documents are not in English?

WES requires that all foreign language documents be submitted together with precise translations in English done by a professional translator. However, WES does not accept translations alone, so make sure that you submit the original-language documents with the translations.

My university-issued documents are in English.

If your documents were issued in English by the university or school that you attended, you need submit only the English-language documents.

How long does it take to obtain the evaluation?

WES will prepare and mail the evaluation within seven business days of the receipt of a complete application, all required documents, and fees. However, if additional research or correspondence is required, the evaluation will take longer. Because international correspondence takes time, we recommend that you begin the process as early as possible and allow up to four weeks for the exchange of correspondence with your academic institution(s).

How do I make certain that the application is completed within seven days?

To ensure timely service, read and follow instructions carefully and submit all academic documents, translations, and fees as required. Since collecting documents can take time, contact your university as early as possible to begin preparing your documents.

Can I use the WES evaluation for another purpose?

Yes. A WES evaluation can be used for any purpose, including education, employment, or any other purpose where you must demonstrate the U.S. equivalency of your academic credentials.

Where do I submit the application?

Applications and all documents should be sent to World Education Services at one of the following addresses:


WES Global Documentation Centre


WES Global Documentation Centre
14 – 145 Industrial Pkwy South
Aurora ON, L4G 3V5

Where can I find further advice and information regarding accounting examinations and boards?

The following are links where you can find state-specific information regarding accounting examination and licensure:

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