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What Is the Academic Records Request Form?

Wednesday | December 7, 2022 | by WES Advisor

academic records request form

The WES Academic Records Request Form makes it quicker and easier to request your academic documents from the institution where you were educated. It officially authorizes the release of an applicant’s academic records, so that you can use it in person or remotely. This is especially convenient for applicants who no longer live in the country where they were educated.

Note: This form does not apply to schools that can send documents to WES electronically. 

Access the Academic Records Request Form  

Once you submit your WES application, you can access the form and obtain your WES reference number. To obtain the form, you must log into your WES My Account. Then, you will be able to download your form from the “Required Documents” section of your account. 

This form is only a requirement for some schools in certain countries. You can find out if it is a requirement for your school by checking our Required Documents page.

Fill Out the Academic Records Request Form 

Applicants should fill out the top half of the form, as indicated. An official from the institution (such as the registrar or controller of examinations) should complete the lower half. 

It can be filled out online or by hand. You can send it electronically or by postal mail. Just be sure to find out if your school has a preference.  

Applicants should provide the following: 

  • Their last name, surname, family name (Applicants who do not have a surname should put a full stop or period in this field.)
  • Their first name
  • Their date of birth in the following format: date/month/year
  • Their email address
  • The name of the institution
  • The country of education
  • The dates they studied at the institution
  • The name of the credential 
  • The year they earned the credential or received the degree (if applicable)
  • The major field of study or specialization
  • The student ID or roll number (if applicable)

Your institution should provide the following: 

  • The name of the institution
  • The name of the credential the applicant earned
  • The date the applicant earned the credential in month/year format (if applicable)
  • The name of the official filling out the form (printed or typed)
  • The official’s professional title
  • The official’s professional email address
  • The official’s professional phone number

The applicant and the official should sign and date the form where indicated. The official should stamp the form with the institution’s stamp or seal. Then, the form must be mailed in a sealed envelope or sent to WES electronically from the institution. 

The Academic Records Request Form provides the correct address for sending your documents directly to WES.  

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