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Understanding Required Documents for Credential Evaluation

Monday | April 29, 2024 | by WES Advisor

Once you order a credential evaluation, you will need to have your academic institution submit your required documents to WES. A review of your required documents is an essential part of the evaluation process. This crucial step needs to be completed before we can begin evaluating your credentials. That’s why it is a good idea to understand the requirements before beginning your application.  

Check out our Required Documents tool to see a preview of the documents needed for credential evaluation.  

Continue reading to learn more about required documents and how they can be submitted your documents to WES. 

General Guidelines for Required Documents

Document requirements will vary depending on the country or territory in which you studied. It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided this gives us the best chance of completing your evaluation on time. However, below are some general guidelines to keep in mind. 

  • Unless specifically stated in your list of required documents or requested by WES, do not submit original documents. They cannot be returned to you.
  • Official academic documents need to be sent to WES by the issuing academic institutions.
  • Do not attempt to send your required documents via email. WES has agreements with a growing number of institutions to accept documents digitally, including approved official institutional email accounts.
  • Documents must be translated into English. WES does not offer translation services.
  • You may upload photocopies of degree certificates and translations in My Account. Read more about uploading documents.

In addition to keeping these guidelines in mind, we recommend using our Required Documents tool before you begin your application. That way you can preview the documents you will need.

How to Have Required Documents Submitted to WES

There are two ways to have your required documents submitted to WES: postal mail or electronically.

Sending documents to WES electronically 

A growing number of institutions have digital partnerships with WES. This means that they can send your documents to us through secure and approved digital methods such as online platforms, direct transmission channels, or email. If you’d like to encourage your institution to start a digital partnership with WES, please have it complete this form.

Read this article for more detailed information about how your institution can send electronic academic records to WES. 

Sending documents to WES by mail 

If your institution is not an established digital partner and cannot become one, you can have your documents sent by post. Refer to your list of required documents for detailed instructions that apply to you and your institution. 

You must ask your institution to send your documents directly to WES and place them in a sealed envelope. Sealed envelopes are a requirement because they ensure that your WES evaluation is accurate and trustworthy.  

The front of the sealed envelope should have: 

  • The name of your university or school. Many schools use an official envelope which usually includes the school logo and fulfills this requirement.
  • Your WES reference number.

On the back of the envelope there should be a seal, stamp, or official signature across the flap closure that will indicate that the flap has remained unopened. For further guidance on sending your documents to WES in a sealed envelope, please refer to this blog post. 

Additional Tips 

WES recommends that you request credentials from the academic institution(s) you attended and submit your application as early as possible to avoid any delay. In fact, we encourage you to begin gathering your required documents before you submit your application.  

You should submit your WES application and required documents several months before any deadline. Do not wait until the last minute to begin the credential evaluation process!

Remember, WES cannot complete your credential evaluation until all your required documents have been received and approved. WES may also submit documents for verification to the institution(s) that issued them. If the institution(s) charge a verification fee, it is your responsibility as the applicant to pay the institution directly. 

If you have additional questions about WES credential evaluations and the required documents, please visit our Help Center (U.S./Canada). 

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