Our Work With Global Higher Education Institutions

Collaborative Feedback

When an institution works with WES they gain a globally-recognized partner in credential evaluation, but beyond that, they gain resources dedicated to improving the lives of their alumni in the U.S. and Canada. Our relationships with GHEIs have developed over decades, within the reciprocal trust that comes from collaborative feedback. GHEIs get help setting up secure technologies like digital document delivery, while WES builds knowledge, regional connections, and a better understanding of local education systems to inform our processes and guide our social impact initiatives.

Life-changing Alumni Outcomes

GHEIs benefit from working with WES across their networks, gaining valuable data and insights while enabling positive, life-changing outcomes for alumni in academics, employment, and immigration. Meanwhile the more than 2,500 institutions we work with in the U.S. and Canada can broaden their programs to include internationally-educated applicants with the certainty that their credentials are verified by experts using a rigorous and trusted process.

Secure Standards

WES is committed to a secure applicant pipeline, consistent standards, and a clear understanding of the global equivalencies among programs. We never forget that behind every report we issue there’s an internationally educated person looking to improve their lives and communities. In an increasingly digital, interconnected future, global mobility will depend more and more on trusted standards and collaborative partnerships. WES is ready for that future.