Our Work in Global Mobility

Leveraging International Education

The role of education in a person’s ability to move forward in life cannot be overstated, and we take pride in helping achieve that forward motion. Our core business is educational credential reporting; since 1974 we have issued more than three million credential evaluation reports to applicants from 203 countries. But even as we recognize the important role of education, we’ve found that it can only be useful if it can be leveraged. As WES has grown, we have seen first hand the barriers that keep people from being able to use their skills, and we have set out to remove them, addressing gaps in the ecosystem of products, services, programs, and networks to advance the success of everyone we serve.

The WES Gateway Program

The reasons people move around the world are as varied as the people themselves; sometimes they move for education or love, but sometimes also for simple survival. The WES Gateway program came about when we saw the disadvantages refugees face in resettlement when they are unable to produce credentials due to chaos in their home countries. We realized that our deep knowledge of global protocols and practices meant we could help refugees recreate missing documentation and credentials. We began with a pilot project in Syria in 2016, and now work with displaced individuals from seven countries in crisis, including Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Türkiye, Ukraine, and Venezuela. You can read more about the WES Gateway Program here.

Meeting the Challenge

In an era of growing connectivity and interdependence, mobility is more important than ever. Ensuring that everyone can contribute their talents to their communities, and ultimately the globe, is a defining challenge of our time. WES is committed to individual potential, and enhancing opportunities for international students and immigrants, while maintaining the rigorous standards and best practices that continue to earn us a reputation of trust and authority.