Digital Innovation: Trust Meets Technology

Digital Documents

WES is also a global leader in secure, efficient document digitization. We are equipped to accept direct server-to-server digital files from partner institutions, creating a fully paperless process, and speeding document deliveries by weeks. Streamlining data and document delivery has helped WES build a process that managed 484,000 applications in 2019, a nearly ninefold increase since 2010.

A Lifetime Portfolio

As soon as WES obtains verified documents, we can begin our trusted process of verification and credential evaluation immediately, working closely with submitting institutions. Our International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) is the recognized gold standard in credential evaluation. This packet is a permanent digital portfolio that can be used for schools, immigration applications, and other programs over the course of a lifetime. Applicants can add new credentials as they obtain them, update files through our applicant portal and smartphone app, and obtain digital badges to display verified credentials on LinkedIn and other social media.

Relationships of Trust

Our advances in technology are possible because of the relationships of trust we have developed with our partners in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. The integrity of our process is in every report we issue; our people, experience, and expertise set us apart, and our long-standing relationships with Global Higher Education Institutions (GHEIs) help us establish, update, and reinforce best practices relative to each location. Of course, not every applicant or institution can provide digital files; many are hampered by older technologies, and WES is committed to meeting them where they are. We continue to accept documents using older methods, such as sealed envelopes, while we work to help institutions, agencies, and applicants move forward with new tools and processes.