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Integration with Slate

The AccessWES® Slate integration automatically uploads completed WES credential evaluations directly into your existing Slate system, saving valuable time and administrative resources.

Institutions requesting integration must have an AccessWES® account. If you do not already have an account, please request an account.

How it Works

  1. Submit the required information in the form below. Here is how to find your Slate Web Services Post URL.
  2. Complete the steps outlined in this guide to prepare your institution’s Slate system for the integration.
  3. WES will follow up to send a test file and ensure the integration is working properly.
  4. Once the integration is active, completed WES credential evaluations will automatically upload directly into your Slate system at the end of each day. Here is an example of how evaluations will appear in your Slate system.

Set up AccessWES® with Slate

This free integration is now available for all institutions that have an AccessWES® account and use Slate.

Do you currently have an AccessWES® Account?

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In order to implement the integration, institutions must first have an active AccessWES® account. You can request one here.