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Institutions can easily refer their candidates to WES to receive an international academic credential evaluation. To help facilitate this process, please consider adding the below information to your website or other digital channels.

Recommended Information to Include:

Who needs a credential evaluation?

  • Length of international education (for example, more than half or 3-year bachelor’s degrees)
  • Applicants who have studied outside of the US and Canada

When is a credential evaluation needed?

  • Study is in progress
  • Upon completion of study

What type of credential evaluation is needed?

  • Course-by-Course
  • Document-by-Document

WES applicant is responsible for:

  • Cost of credential evaluation
  • Obtaining translations of academic records that are not originally in English


WES also provides sample language for your institution to utilized on your referral page.

Sample Language recommended by WES

Applicants who have completed or are in the process of completing an undergraduate or graduate degree at institutions outside of the United States are required to submit academic records to complete their credential evaluation.

Evaluations are a required component since they determine how your academics are graded compared to the U.S. or Canadian education system. Be sure to follow the steps below to secure your credential evaluation:

  1. Applicants can create a WES account by visiting:
  2. Select the course-by-course evaluation option to ensure that your evaluation meets our requirements for admission review.
  3. To ensure that {University – School Name} receives an official copy of your evaluation, select it from the drop-down box and add it as a recipient.

If you provided a WES transcript reflecting in-progress study, a follow-up WES course-by-course evaluation showing the complete academic record and degree conferral could be required. Applicants are responsible for paying all fees for such evaluations, upgrades, as well as making arrangements with WES to send and receive their documents.

International applicants must have all transcripts officially translated into English. Both the unofficial and the English translated version must be submitted. WES evaluations do not include translation services. WES does not provide translation services.

For more information, WES applicants can visit: for assistance.


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