WES Gateway Program Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the WES Gateway Program, you must be:

  • Currently living in the United States
  • Referred by a WES partner organization—for more information contact us (select “WES Gateway Program” as the question category).
  • Educated in one of the following countries: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Türkiye, Ukraine, or Venezuela
  • Unable to obtain your academic documents from your institution, and have proof of your academic attainment, such as a transcript, degree certificate, or professional license

WES corroborates these claims using the best information and resources available. If only a partial transcript is available, WES may be able to reconstruct the degree profile and courses likely taken to attain that credential.

If you have your academic documents in a sealed envelope, you are not eligible for the WES Gateway Program. You can apply for a standard WES credential evaluation.

Note regarding education obtained in Ukraine: Please visit the Important WES Notices page for updates on our evaluation policy.

Note regarding education obtained in Afghanistan: WES evaluates education from 31 universities if it was completed before August 15, 2021. Study completed between 1996 and 2001 cannot be evaluated at this time.

An evaluation through the WES Gateway Programs takes about 15 business days after we receive, review, and accept all your documents.

For more information, contact us (select “WES Gateway Program” as the question category).

For WES to process your WES Gateway Program application, you must have originals or copies of at least one of the following documents issued by an institution:

  • Diploma / Degree Certificate
  • Transcript / Mark Sheet / Statement of Marks
  • Professional License / Certificate
  • Other officially issued documents (such as a letter of appointment, student ID card, or membership in a recognized professional association or certification body)

Documents that are not in English must be translated.

The WES Gateway Program currently focuses on Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Türkiye, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Our research team will continue to review all factors and whenever possible expand this list. A public announcement will be made if countries are added.

Depending on your goals in the U.S., you may be able to use another credential evaluation service provider to help you meet admission, licensing, or employment requirements. Before requesting a credential evaluation from any agency, contact the institution that needs the evaluation. The institution may require that you use a specific provider. These institutions are responsible for the final recognition decision. You may also use the free WES degree equivalency tool to preview the U.S. equivalency of your international credentials. This preview does not replace a formal credential evaluation that may be needed for official purposes.

Your WES credential evaluation highlights your academic achievements and serves as proof of your qualifications. Your credential evaluation report may help you meet the requirements for:

  • University and college admissions
  • Credit transfers
  • Starting the licensing process
  • Obtaining employment

Please note that each receiving organization has a different recognition process for credential evaluations and may have its own set of requirements.

A report issued through the WES Gateway Program validates and assesses the education of individuals who cannot obtain verifiable academic documentation. The documents used for this evaluation come from the applicant and are not authenticated as in a standard WES evaluation.

Because academic institutions and licensing bodies value authenticated documents, we recommend that you attempt to obtain your official documents for a standard WES evaluation before applying through the WES Gateway Program.

Contact us to request an upgrade to a Course-by-Course report. Please select “WES Gateway Program” as the question category. Your request must include the name of the organization that will receive the upgraded report.

Currently, all WES Gateway evaluation reports in the U.S. will be provided free of charge, through a voucher provided to referral partners. The vouchers will cover the cost of the evaluation.

You will receive:

  • A credential evaluation report (print and electronic copy) for yourself
  • Storage for copies of the documents for future use (ICAP)
  • One copy to go to any institution that may need your report, such as a college or university, licensure or certification body, or employer

Standard fees apply for additional copies and delivery.

If you were educated in more than one of the eligible countries, you will have an opportunity to add that information later in the application. If you have additional education in a country that is not eligible for the WES Gateway Program, you must submit a separate application for that credential and meet the WES standard document requirements.