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Announcing the WES Photo Contest Winners

Tuesday | November 19, 2019 | by WES Advisor

WES Photo Contest

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our first WES photo contest and helped make it a success in honor of International Education Week (IEW)!

To participate, we asked international students to post photos on Facebook with short captions that reflected the theme: “Today I Learned…”

Now, we’re excited to announce the winners! Below are the top three photos from Facebook.

First Place Winner

A special congratulations to Alonso Ortega, the first place winner! His photo, below, is of a stained Drosophila fly embryo as viewed under a microscope. The photo perfectly captures not only the joy of learning, but also the immense beauty that can be found in the natural world:

Second Place Winner

The second place winner, Joy Tso, submitted a photo that reflects the balancing act that international students face while studying abroad. Her photo and caption eloquently capture the challenges that come with cultivating a sense of independence as a student in a new country, while at the same time, maintaining family ties back home:

Third Place Winner

The third place winner, Herman Agboh, shared a captivating photo of many disparate framed photographs that, when viewed together, take on a new meaning. His caption artfully describes the importance of perspective when interpreting beauty:

The winners submitted original, high-quality photos accompanied by descriptive captions relating to the theme: “Today I Learned…” Their photos reflect a unique, creative way of looking at and interpreting the world around them.

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you are looking for more ways to get involved with WES Advisor, we encourage you to join the WES Ambassador Program.

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