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Welcome to Our New Site!

Wednesday | July 26, 2017 | by WES Advisor

We developed a new website that streamlines the application process for credential evaluations, creates a central location for all our tools and resources, and is accessible from any device at any time. Please see the video below to take a tour of the new site.

Take a tour of the new site. 

From the main home page, we make it easy to sign in or create a new account. Once you sign in to your account, you will see options to view your Account Timeline, where you can see the status of your application, as well as any pending steps that may require your attention. From here, you can also modify your order, add recipients, order additional copies of your report, and more. You can also view the Account Menu, which shows your order history, allows you to change your email preferences, and provides quick access to our Help Center.

Take a tour of My Account.

For customers who created an account previously, but have not yet submitted an application, you can still sign in to your account and continue working on your application anytime. The information you previously submitted has been saved; however, we’ve added some new questions that you will need to answer before you can submit your application. See the video below to view some of the new questions you may need to answer.

Watch the video for returning customers.

From the menus at the top of the page, you can access information about credential evaluations, access our free tools and resources, and get help via our automated system if you need it. Here’s an overview of the menus:

  • Credential Evaluation: This menu provides access to information that will help you learn more about WES credential evaluations, including our evaluation types and fees, required documents for your country of education, and the WES difference, to show you why WES is the best choice for your credential evaluation.
  • Tools & Advice: This is where you will find access to our free tools, like the iGPA calculator, a degree equivalency preview, scholarship finder, and more. You can also access our webinars and events page to sign up for upcoming events and view previous events on-demand. The WES Advisor Blog is where you’ll find informative articles for international students and skilled immigrants who want to work and study in the U.S. and Canada. Finally, you can read our helpful e-guides, which provide detailed information on working and studying abroad. Be sure to check back to these sections frequently—we are always adding new articles, tools, and resources to help you achieve your educational and professional goals.
  • Help Center: If you need help at any time, you can search our database of answers to the most frequently asked questions from our automated help tool. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, simply click the Contact Us button to send your question to our customer support team.

From the bottom of the page, you will see a site map for easy access to all the sections of the new site. You can visit the About WES page to learn more about WES, our mission and vision, and leadership team, as well as resources for journalists, careers at WES, and customer testimonials.

WES is dedicated to helping empower people educated anywhere in the world to use their education, knowledge, and skills in the United States and Canada. We hope you enjoy the new site!

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  • Taha Alamin

    the new website is amazing I really like it

    • Hi Taha, thank you!

    • Ifeanyi Maduka

      it is really beautiful and easy to navigate.

  • abdul rahim

    Im not able to login to wes my account after site upate, could you please help me, I’m not able to track the status now, called call center more than 5 times no response, rahimpal@gmail.com

  • Samed Walker

    Its user friendly and easy to navigate around. Thumbs up ???