WES Tools

We want to help you achieve your goals. That’s why we offer free tools to help you succeed. These tools are resources to guide and empower you on your journey. Use them as often as you like to make the college application and immigration process easier.

WES iGPA Calculator

The WES iGPA (international grade point average) Calculator lets you see how your grades compare on the 4.0 grading scale used in the U.S. Conversions are based on the most common grading scales for the country you studied in. Have your marksheets or transcripts ready. You will need your grades to use the WES iGPA Calculator.

Degree Equivalency

See how your credentials compare to U.S. standards instantly with this tool. Just select the country you studied in, enter your credentials, and we will show your degree equivalency. The Degree Equivalency tool doesn’t replace an official evaluation, but it will give you an idea of what your degree is equivalent to in the U.S.

Scholarship Finder

Paying for school can be expensive, so we created the Scholarship Finder to help you find the resources you need to fund your studies. Select the country you studied in and the type of scholarship you want. Then we will provide you with a list of scholarships you can apply for to pay for your studies in the U.S.