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The Power of an Education and a WES Credential Evaluation

Friday | August 18, 2023 | by WES Advisor

Before moving to Canada from Egypt, Zeyad obtained a WES credential evaluation to support his educational and career endeavours. We sat down with him to learn more about his background, thoughts on the power of an education, and advice for others who might need a credential evaluation to help them pursue their goals.  

Zeyad recalls his parents’ reminders over the years about the power of an education. “They often reminded me that no one can steal your ideas or the knowledge you gain through learning and experience. This mindset reinforced the idea that education not only provides a solid foundation for personal development but also empowers individuals to create, innovate, and contribute positively to society.”  

Continuing Education, Beginning a Career 

In Zeyad’s home country of Egypt, he attended the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. He studied business administration with a focus on marketing and international business and received a bachelor’s degree with honours in 2021.  

Upon completing his undergraduate education, he began to think about graduate school and form career plans. After considering several options, he moved to Canada to pursue a Master of Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology – Vancouver.  

While working toward his graduate degree, Zeyad decided to secure work that aligned with his goals. Interested in learning about becoming a Salesforce administrator, Zeyad was delighted to find an open position with WES as an Administrative and Communication Coordinator whose role would be to help implement Salesforce at the organization.  

Zeyad believed this opportunity synced perfectly with his career goals and values. He says, “Joining WES meant not only contributing to a well-known organization, but also becoming part of a team that shares my values.”  

Receiving a WES Credential Evaluation 

When Zeyad decided to pursue an MBA in Canada, he ordered a credential evaluation from WES. By including the evaluation in his application, Zeyad secured his acceptance into the program; moreover, the university waived nine credits of coursework, which will fast-track his studies.  Zeyad also notes that the evaluation played a crucial role in making him eligible for an entrance scholarship. 

Throughout his journey, Zeyad encountered some challenges as an international student. We asked him what tips he would share with his peers to make the credential evaluation experience and study abroad in Canada as smooth as possible for them:

1. Plan ahead
If you are considering studying abroad and think you will need a WES credential evaluation, it is important to start the process early. Ask your school for official transcripts in a signed, stamped, and sealed envelope. Zeyad says, “Having these on hand will save you time and effort when you decide to apply for a [credential] evaluation.” 

2. Select ICAP for your evaluation.
When ordering your WES credential evaluation, consider selecting the International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP). Though ICAP does cost more than the basic package, it’s a smart investment, according to Zeyad. “The ICAP evaluation provides additional documents that can be useful for future applications, such as immigration and employment processes in Canada.”

3. Keep your important documents safe.
When you receive your final transcripts, make sure to keep them in a secure place. Zeyad notes, “Having signed and sealed transcripts on hand can be helpful for various things, like applying to universities, seeking scholarships, or meeting visa requirements.” 

4. Stay organized.
During the process, remember to keep all important papers, emails, and communications related to the WES evaluation organized and accessible. Being organized will make things easier and faster for you. Zeyad says, “Staying organized will help ensure a smooth and efficient experience.” 

5. Be prepared for potential delays. 
Watch out for possible delays and plan ahead, especially if you need to meet tight deadlines. Zeyad says, “The evaluation process may take some time, so be patient.” 

6. Double-check requirements.
Before sending your documents for any application, confirm the university or institution’s requirements. Zeyad notes, “Ensure that you have included all necessary documents to avoid any delays in the admission process.” 

7. Seek guidance.
Remember to ask any questions you may have about credential evaluation and regarding relocating to another country. Zeyad adds, “If you have any questions or concerns about the evaluation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to WES or the educational institution you are applying to.” 

Embracing New Goals and Challenges

Zeyad’s journey as an international student has been guided by his parents’ belief in the power of an education. This belief has fueled his determination to keep pushing toward his goals, embrace new challenges, and create a bright future for himself.  

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