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Opening Doors and Opportunities: The Lifetime Value of Your WES Credential Evaluation

Thursday | November 2, 2023 | by Lorinda Grogg

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Lorinda Grogg has worked at WES for more than 20 years. In her role, she works with and provides support to institutional partners, as well as many WES applicants undergoing the evaluation process. In this piece, she discusses one of the key benefits of a WES credential evaluation: its lifetime value.  

I was recently contacted by a university admissions officer, asking about a credential evaluation report she had just received from a candidate. The report was prepared before I joined the organization more than 20 years ago. This was a profound reminder of the lifelong value of a WES evaluation, something I talk about frequently. 

WES credential evaluations do not expire.  

Applicants can log in to My Account and order a duplicate copy for any recipient such as an institution, employer, or licensing board. Copies are typically sent within one to two business days. 

Prior to joining WES, I worked with ACT (American College Testing), so I often highlight the lifetime value of a credential evaluation by comparing it to the ACT—a college entrance exam. One key difference is ACT scores are considered valid for three years. Once a student enrolls in college, the exam no longer serves a purpose. If a student transfers to another university, they do not submit their high school transcripts and test scores. Instead, it is their college transcript that determines their eligibility for admission. 

A WES credential evaluation, however, provides a U.S. or Canadian equivalency for an academic credential earned in another country. Those results do not change over time. A credential evaluation will continue to support your school and job applications and résumé, providing context and validation to anyone reviewing your evaluation report, whether you are seeking further education, employment, licensing, or immigration. 

Same report, new opportunities 

Applicants typically have a specific goal when they first receive their credential evaluation. When applying for an evaluation, many applicants believe that obtaining an evaluation is merely a required step toward their immediate goal, and that they will never use it again. But often this is not the case.  

For example, an applicant uses their credential evaluation first for graduate school. They believe that once they are awarded a master’s degree, no one will ever again ask for confirmation of their bachelor’s degree. However, this isn’t true. There is often a need to provide proof of all previously earned degrees when seeking further education or employment. Having access to your evaluation report ensures minimal delays as you’re pursuing new opportunities and goals.  

WES is a partner and resource 

WES advances global mobility and integration of people into academic and professional settings. We do this by evaluating and advocating the recognition of international academic qualifications and enabling individuals to fully utilize their education.  

By verifying the authenticity of the academic credentials and securely storing the evaluation and the documents, WES is a trusted resource for applicants. As we approach 50 years of experience in the field of credential evaluation, and more than three million completed reports, WES continues to fulfill its mission to international students, immigrants, and refugees. We look forward to continuing our role as a partner and resource in your personal academic and professional journey.  

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Lorinda Grogg is Director, Institution Engagement and Collaboration at WES.