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How to Use Your Credential Evaluation

Monday | September 12, 2016 | by WES Global Talent Bridge

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Obtaining a credential evaluation is the first step in gaining access to educational and employment opportunities. A credential evaluation will help you gain recognition for your previous studies, meet requirements for university admissions, transfer credits, and obtain professional licensing and employment.

Credential evaluation reports enable employers, licensing boards, and admissions officers to understand the nature and equivalency of your academic accomplishments. They also provide verification of the authenticity of your credentials. Although some institutions and state licensing boards perform their own evaluations, most of them—and nearly all employers—rely on agencies like World Education Services to evaluate and validate foreign credentials.

After you receive your evaluation, you can:

  • Mention that your credentials have been evaluated and authenticated in the education section of your résumé. List all of the credentials that were validated along with their U.S. or Canadian academic equivalencies.
  • Include a copy of your evaluation report along with your résumé when you submit your application for employment. You can also bring the original report to any interviews.

In most cases, those reviewing your application will not accept photocopies of your evaluation; your report must be sent directly from the evaluation agency to the employer, college or university, or licensing board.

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