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How to Begin the WES Evaluation Process

Tuesday | September 4, 2018 | by Justine D’Souza

WES evaluation process

To begin the process of having your international credentials evaluated, first fill out the WES application, and then send your documents to WES. These two actions represent the first steps in obtaining a credential evaluation of your internationally earned degree or course work.

To help guide you, here are answers to some common pre-evaluation questions:

What is a WES reference number? How do I obtain one?

A WES reference number is a unique case number associated with a given credential evaluation report. You should include your reference number on all correspondences with WES. You will receive a reference number after you submit an application and pay the evaluation fees.

I got married and changed my last name. What last name should I put on my application, if the last name on my academic documents is different?

You can put the surname of your choice on your application. Both the name on the application and the name on the academic documents appear on the report. We include a statement that mentions any differences in the last names, to eliminate confusion on the part of those who receive the report.

I have documents from more than one institution. Do I have to send them separately?

Unless stated otherwise on the Required Documents page, documents from different institutions must come in separate sealed envelopes. However, if our document requirements for your country or territory of education allow it, you can enclose the individual envelopes in a larger envelope and send them to WES as one package.

Note: Your school may be able to submit documents to us electronically; keep reading for further information about electronic document submission.

Can I apply with my spouse?

No, each applicant must create their own account and pay a separate fee accordingly. However, spouses can send all their individually sealed documents, in the format stated on our website, in one large envelope as long as each individual envelope has the correct reference number written on it.

Will WES evaluate my degree?

Our evaluators research various academic programs, institutions, and education systems daily. We encourage you to apply with the academic credentials of your choice and send all related required documents in the format stated on our website. Our evaluators will review the documents and proceed accordingly. If they cannot evaluate a given credential, they will update your account. Please note that WES does not evaluate professional, vocational, or trade certificates.

Should I send my original documents?

Unless stated otherwise on our Required Documents page, do not send original documents. All documents that arrive in our office become WES property and cannot be returned. If we specifically request original documents for your country or territory of education, we will return the documents once we have completed your evaluation.

What if I made a mistake on my application?

You can modify your contact information, add or remove a recipient, upgrade your evaluation package, request sealed envelopes, order more reports, change your delivery options, and pay your balance within your account. To make any other changes, please contact our Customer Service team.

My school will not send documents to WES. What other options do I have?

You can also ask your school to send you the documents in the format stated on our website, and you can forward those documents to WES. For example, if we need your transcript in a sealed envelope, the school can send you the sealed envelope, and you can send it to us. You can use this form to request that your school release your documents.

Before contacting your school, please review our Required Documents page to confirm that we do not have alternate instructions for sending documents from your country or territory of education. For example, your school may be able to submit documents to us electronically. In many cases, WES accepts documents that are shared electronically via online platforms and exchange networks. To find out if WES accepts electronic documents from your institution, please have them contact us and select the “Other” category on the contact form.

You can also upload photocopies of certain documents in your account. This option will become available after you submit your application.

What is my country of education?

Your country of education is generally the country or territory where you studied and earned your degree.

After I create my account, how much time do I have to send my documents?

There is no deadline. Your account will stay open for as long as you want it to remain open. Remember, however, that the sooner you submit your documents, the sooner your credentials will be evaluated. Obtaining a credential evaluation can help employers, academic institutions, and licensing boards recognize your credentials and provide you with new opportunities in the United States or Canada.

Get started on your application today.

Justine D'Souza

Justine D’Souza is the Social Media and Community Management Associate at World Education Services.