WES Regional Directors

Regional Directors are the liaisons between WES and our partners. We serve in an advisory capacity when questions arise about international academic institutions and credentials, provide best practices in admissions and employment policies, and offer solutions to your unique problems. We also promote the recognition of international academic credentials via meetings and presentations during on-site visits and conferences.

Please contact your area’s Regional Director if we can be of assistance.

Meet the Team

Lorinda Grogg

Director | U.S. Institutional Relations

Prior to joining WES in 2002, Lorinda’s career in education included classroom instruction, admissions (Ball State University), and recruitment/assessment/placement/outcomes (ACT). Today she provides leadership for the Institutional Relations team, which includes regional directors and Academic Services in our work with recipients of WES evaluations and services, and coordinating with and supporting other divisions at WES. What she enjoys most, however, are the personal relationships she has developed over time with campus-based colleagues, and the opportunity to advise and assist them.

Michael Hearne

Regional Director | U.S. Institutional Relations

Michael Hearne serves as the main point of contact for all of the partner schools and organizations in the states within his region. He keeps in constant communication with schools to answer questions about specific evaluations or WES services, attends conferences, hosts webinars, makes virtual and in-person visits to partner schools, and stays up to date on both WES policy and any relevant trends and changes in the field of international education. Before coming to WES, Mike spent five years in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Hofstra University, and he holds a master’s degree from The School of Health Professions and Human Services at Hofstra University.

Indira Marte

Regional Director | U.S. Institutional Relations

Indira Marte serves as the main point of contact for academic institutions and organizations in the Northeast region of the United States. Indira has served in various roles with WES since 2005 and currently focuses on client outreach and management, as well as the promotion of WES resources to partner institutions. Indira holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature and language from the State University of New York at Albany.

Desiree Ansari

Academic Services | U.S. Institutional Relations

Desiree is the main point of contact for the institutional support line, communicating with various partner schools and organizations. She answers questions about WES services and specific evaluations, manages AccessWES and the organization’s participation in industry conferences, and assists regional directors with marketing activities. Desiree joined WES as a customer service representative in 2011. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The City College of New York.

Kevin Kamal

Associate Director | Institutional Client Relations | Canada

Kevin has managed WES’ institutional client development and relations for the past 17 years. He works closely with all stakeholders in the international academic credential assessment and recognition community in Canada.

Prior to joining WES, Kevin had worked in both private and public sectors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and master’s degrees in social sciences and international relations from universities in the United States. Kevin has co-authored articles on the education systems of Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Aliyyah Nazeem

Manager of Academic Services | Canada

Aliyyah’s background in student recruitment and admission provides a strong foundation for her work with WES’ institutional clients. In her role, Aliyyah liaises with colleges and universities across Canada, stays updated on policy changes, and answers specific questions about WES evaluations. Before joining WES, Aliyyah was a recruitment officer at The Michener Institute of Education at University Health Network (UHN) where she received WES evaluation reports submitted by applicants for admission. She holds a degree from the University of Guelph and a diploma and post-graduate certificate from Humber College.

Karolin Givergis and Ruth Demeke


Karolin Givergis | Institutions and Licensing Boards | Canada

Karolin provides support to the Institutional Relations team in Canada by communicating with various partners such as educational institutions, licensing bodies, and employers and answers questions about WES services and evaluations. Karolin represents WES at conferences and delivers info sessions at community agencies. She has been with WES Canada since its inception in 2000 and enjoys helping newcomers in their settlement journey. Karolin speaks six languages and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Concordia University in Montréal.

Ruth Demeke | CIC/ IRCC, Immigration Lawyers and Consultants | Canada

Ruth serves as the primary contact for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), immigration consultants, and lawyers. She handles communications from IRCC Operation Staff—answering questions about WES services from members of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants and Lawyers. She is the liaison to community agencies serving immigrants. Ruth joined WES as a customer service representative in 2011. She completed the Communication and Public Relations Certificate program at the University of Toronto.