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Global Talent Bridge New York Network Meets at WES

Thursday May 3, 2018 | by WES Global Talent Bridge

The Global Talent Bridge New York Network gathered April 18 to share information and ideas about helping skilled immigrants.  Betsy Plum from the New York Immigration Coalition spoke about her organization’s recent report, “Blueprint for Immigrant New York.”  Pictured front row, L-R: Stacey K. Simon, IMPRINT Coalition; Betsy Plum, New York Immigration Coalition; Sangita Shrestha, CAMBA, Rona Weitz, English-Speaking Union; Paul Feltman, WES Global Talent Bridge; Arielle Kandel, New Women New Yorkers,  Debra-Means West, Global Talent Bridge; and Nadia Huffer, Upwardly Global.  Back row, L-R:  Elaine Roberts, Catholic Charities, Katya Zaitseva, CAMBA, John Hunt, LaGuardia Community College; Annie Garneva, New York City Employment Training Coalition; and Karl Hart, English-Speaking Union.

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