WES Global Records

WES Global Records is a new digital verification and storage service that lets you securely transmit your authenticated academic documents to any recipient, at any time. Now, all the verified academic documents that were a part of your WES credential evaluation package can be stored in a cloud portfolio and easily accessed for digital sharing.

Our Special Offer for You: $125 $99 2 Year Subscription + 1 Free Verification

This offer has now expired.

Click the Opt In button below to create your WES Global Record for the discounted price of $99 USD (normally $125 USD) for two years. Your already verified documents used to complete your existing WES credential evaluation are automatically added to your WES Global Record, ready for you to access and share. Added bonus: You can add a new academic credential for free. Act quickly—this special offer expires December 31, 2021.

How Does WES Global Records Work?

Verified documents used for your existing WES credential evaluation automatically become a part of your WES Global Record when you redeem this special offer. You can view these documents in your WES Global Record dashboard online, share them with recipients, and add new credentials for verification at any time. Read our FAQ for more information.


WES Global Records makes accessing and sending your verified academic documents convenient because all your documents are available in one secure place—the WES digital portfolio—which can be accessed 24/7.

Seamless Document Delivery

Avoid the hassle of dealing with paper academic documents; with a WES Global Record, you can share your verified documents digitally, on demand—with anyone, anywhere in the world. You never know when the opportunity of a lifetime will come up, so you want to be prepared to share your verified academic accomplishments with schools, employers, licensing boards, and immigration bodies.


WES Global Records gives you the confidence that comes with being prepared for your future and new opportunities that arise. Whether you’re applying for a new job, a graduate program, or an immigration stream, you’re always ready to share your academic achievements.