Credential Evaluation Requirements

CPA Western School of Business (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia)

What you need to do:

Follow the steps below before you begin your application:

  1. Note that a WES Course-by-Course ICAP evaluation for all international credentials is required for internationally educated applicants to the CPA Western School of Business using WES. This includes credentials from the United States, Bermuda, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.
  2. Confirm that all required documents can be submitted to WES as specified. Document requirements depend on your country of education and type of education.

Follow the steps below to begin your application

Click Apply Now to create your WES account and request your Course-by-Course ICAP evaluation.

  1. When asked ‘Where will you use your evaluation?’ select ‘Canada
  2. Select ‘WES Standard Application
  3. Create your account
  4. When asked ‘What is the primary purpose of this evaluation?’ select ‘Educational
  5. In the ‘Add Recipients’ section, enter ‘CPA Western School of Business‘ in the search field, click on search, and select ‘CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB)
  6. Make sure to select the ‘Course-by-Course WES ICAP‘ option

What WES will do for you:

  1. WES will verify your academic records.
  2. WES will prepare an official credential evaluation report.
  3. WES will send the completed evaluation report and a copy of your verified transcripts directly to the CPA Western School of Business.
  4. WES will provide lifetime storage of your documents for future use.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about WES or the Course-by-Course ICAP evaluation process, please see our FAQ.

If you cannot request a WES Course-by-Course ICAP evaluation because you are unable to submit the required documents, please follow the instructions you have been provided by the CPA Western School Business or email their Transcript Assessment team at [email protected].

For detailed information about CPA Western School of Business and its requirements, please visit their website.