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IELTS Indicator: The English Test You Can Take at Home

Tuesday | July 14, 2020 | by Roshan Patroo

IELTS Indicator English test

Many people have had to put their education and plans on hold, due to the global pandemic and government restrictions. For example, you might have postponed your English proficiency test. That’s because many English tests, like the IELTS, are traditionally completed in person, in a group classroom setting.

Therefore, IELTS partners introduced a new solution to help individuals stay on course: IELTS Indicator. This English proficiency test can be taken online, from anywhere in the world.

Find out more about IELTS Indicator below, and determine if it is a good choice for you.

Introducing IELTS Indicator

IELTS Indicator is the same test as the IELTS Academic. It includes Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing sections. However, IELTS Indicator can be taken online, from your own home.

The test is conducted live and marked by trained IELTS Examiners. This makes IELTS Indicator more reliable than a mock test, and provides a more accurate score. Results are available online within seven days.

Test-takers receive their scores via email; their scores can also be sent to their educational institution. Or, the institution can log in to the IELTS “score check platform” to view and verify the student’s scores.

IELTS Indicator can be used by test takers seeking to study abroad who would like to continue the application process with their university or educational institution whilst IELTS testing is suspended. It cannot be used for migration purposes.

The Test Format

The test follows a strict time schedule, and it cannot be paused. Test-takers should clear their schedules for the full duration of the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections: approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. The Speaking section is conducted separately.

In Canada, you can take the test on Wednesdays at 12 pm Eastern. However, you must schedule a separate time slot for the Speaking section during the booking process.

Scores and Acceptance

Starting in July 2020, IELTS Indicator tests have additional security measures. The Listening, Reading and Writing sessions are now recorded. They are assessed using a combination of human invigilation and artificial intelligence to ensure a greater level of accuracy and security.

The IELTS Indicator is not a substitute for the in-person test. The IELTS Academic test is subject to the highest-quality controls and security procedures. Therefore, once in-person testing resumes, you might need to retake your test to meet the requirements of your educational institution. Before you schedule your appointed, be sure to check with your educational institution to find out about their current admission requirements.

To find out more about IELTS Indicator, access preparation material, and register for a test, visit this page.

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Roshan Patroo

Roshan Patroo is the IELTS Marketing Officer for British Council IELTS Canada.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of World Education Services (WES).