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NEW: How to Get Credential Evaluations for Pakistan

Friday | October 29, 2021 | by WES Advisor

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Prior to 2021, if you studied in Pakistan and wanted to pursue immigration, career, or higher education goals in the United States or Canada, then you might have encountered difficulties with credential recognition. 

WES wanted to help more Pakistan-educated individuals achieve success in Canada and the U.S. 

And we’re proud to say that our efforts paid off. As of October 2021, WES evaluates credentials from most higher education institutions in Pakistan. We achieved this important policy change, which aligns with our mission to help immigrants thrive, by working with Pakistan’s education authorities, including the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

How does the new policy help individuals educated in Pakistan?

The new policy means that we now evaluate documents from nearly double the number of schools in Pakistan. Thousands of individuals are newly eligible for credential evaluations from WES. Now, many more students from that region will have their experience and skills fully acknowledged if they wish to relocate.

For individuals whose schools are recognized by HEC, there is an added advantage: After applying to WES, they will be directed to send their academic documents directly to HEC (who will ensure those documents correctly and efficiently reach WES). This eliminates guesswork for the applicant and reduces the chance of introducing errors or creating delays. Information about that process is available here.

Today, WES evaluates documents from over 200 institutions in Pakistan. Because WES is the leading provider of credential evaluations in North America, with global partnerships and recognized equivalency reports, this is an advantage for anyone educated in Pakistan. 

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How can you find out if your school is eligible for a credential evaluation?

Here’s how to learn if your Pakistani institution currently qualifies for an equivalency report from WES:

  1. Apply for a credential evaluation from WES
  2. As you proceed, you will see a dropdown menu that allows you to list the institutions you have attended. If your institution is on this list, then we evaluate its credentials. 
  3. There is one exception: If your school is not on our dropdown list, then you can add the name of your institution manually and proceed. WES is frequently adding new schools, and it is possible that we have added your school very recently and it is not yet showing up on our list. If you submit your application and it turns out that we cannot verify your credentials, then we will reach out to you right away to let you know and refund your full payment.

We hope that this new policy makes it easier for you to pursue your employment and education goals in the United States or Canada. We’re excited to help you get started today.

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