WES Donates to Organizations Supporting Displaced Afghans and Haitians

NEW YORK, NY—(September 20, 2021) World Education Services (WES) is dedicated to creating a world in which everyone is able to put their education, experience, and skills to work anywhere in the world. The humanitarian crises now unfolding in Afghanistan and Haiti have spurred the organization to act in line with this vision by donating to five organizations that work directly with Haitians and Afghans.

“In this moment and as a social enterprise that serves international students, immigrants, refugees, we have a responsibility and obligation to act,” says WES CEO and Executive Director, Esther T. Benjamin. “Our contributions, funneled through five organizations with deep expertise and relationships among the individuals and global communities we serve, will help to ensure the smoothest possible road to recovery for newly displaced Afghans and Haitians—including those who are seeking to build new lives in the U.S. and Canada.”

WES donations have gone to the following organizations:

WES is also a founding partner of Lifeline Afghanistan, a newly established network of individuals and organizations supporting the resettlement of Afghan refugees in Canada.

WES views these actions as first steps in helping affected individuals to recover and integrate into their new communities. Over the coming months and years, the organization will continue to support and drive mid- and long-term efforts to ensure not just successful resettlement, but the social and economic integration and inclusion of displaced individuals and refugees in the U.S. and Canada.