Our Expertise. Your Success

Since 1974, WES has been committed to the success of the international students and skilled immigrants who look to North America as a place to achieve their dreams. Academic institutions, employers, licensing bodies and government agencies rely on WES to evaluate the credentials of candidates for education and employment. WES also provides research, training and additional resources that advance the recognition of qualifications, helping credential holders gain the full benefit of their academic achievements.

Working Together

WES Enables the Internationalization of Higher Education

When it increases its international enrollment, an institution of higher education is making its campus a more enriching place to live, learn and grow. Academic institutions that partner with WES gain access to our industry-leading credential evaluation services and research on issues that shape international student enrollment. WES also provides its partners with both online and in-person training programs that ensure faculty and staff are kept abreast of the best practices in the field.

WES Facilitates the Recognition and Integration of Skilled Immigrants

Skilled immigrants have the power to transform communities, workplaces and entire industries for the better. When employers and public agencies refer candidates to WES, they can rest assured that their credentials are authenticated and that the institutions that issued them are accredited or recognized. Organizations that help skilled immigrants pursue appropriate educational and employment opportunities can strengthen their services by partnering with WES Global Talent Bridge®, a program that provides resources, training and research.

WES Facilitates the Licensing & Certification of Internationally Educated Professionals

Professional licensing and certification boards face special challenges when assessing internationally educated candidates, because their academic records can be difficult to interpret and authenticate. By referring these candidates to WES for credential evaluation, licensing boards can facilitate and streamline the screening of candidates educated abroad.