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How to use the WES Career Pathways Tool

Welcome to the WES Career Pathways Tool! This tool is designed to help you explore a wide variety of career options that you may be qualified for here in the U.S. Some of these careers will be in your existing professional field, and some will be in alternative fields that you may not have previously considered. All suggested careers will be based on the answers you give to the following questions. To learn more about how to plan your career path in the U.S., see Planning for Success.

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For each section of the WES Career Pathways Tool, enter information that best represents your situation.
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Which Describes You?

This tool takes into account who is answering the questions: are you an internationally educated immigrant or refugee yourself, or are you a workforce or adult education practitioner? The questions will be different depending on which option you select on the following page.

Let’s start with some basic information about yourself. Your results from this tool will be sent to the email address you provide here, so you can refer back to them whenever you need to.

Now we need to know some more about your education. This will help the tool determine what kinds of careers you might be eligible for, and also how you could build on your existing education to access even more career possibilities.

The careers you qualify for are sometimes affected by how much work experience you have in your professional field. Please tell us on the following page. [Note: This tool does not currently factor your work experience directly into your results, but it is still helpful to consider as you read through your potential career matches and what each one requires.]

Now you will be asked whether you have any certifications or licensure. If you plan to apply for professional licensure in the U.S., you may be expected to report to your state licensing board any active professional licensure that you hold in another country. In some cases, it may make your U.S. licensure process easier. Any U.S. or internationally recognized certifications that you hold could make you a more attractive candidate for employment.

To learn more, see Understanding Regulated and Non-regulated Professions in the United States.


If you are unable to pursue relicensure in the U.S. at this time, or if you want to try something new, you may want to explore career options other than your original career. Identifying your transferable skills* can help you transition to a new career that will still allow you to use your existing education and work experience. The skills you select on the following page will be used to determine additional career matches. [*Transferable skills are skills you have developed in one situation or career which can be transferred to a different one.]

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Creating Your Pathways Profile