World Education Services is a Founding Member of NACES (the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services). Since 1974, WES Has Been a Leading Provider of Credential Evaluations With Global Partnerships In 200 Countries. Over 3 Million International Students and Professionals Have Now Been Able to Pursue Their Goals in Canada and The United States With a Credential Evaluation From WES.

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Widely Accepted: WES evaluations are widely accepted and often specifically requested by academic institutions, licensing boards, employers, and government agencies throughout the U.S.

Fast Service: WES takes seven (7) business days on average to process your report after receiving all your required documents and payment in full.

Affordable Pricing: WES evaluations start at $111. Pricing depends on your evaluation type, customizations, and upgrades.

Lifetime Access: WES credential evaluations never expire. You can request duplicate copies for further education, employment, or immigration purposes without having to reapply or resend documents.

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