WES continues to receive academic documents from institutions around the globe, including 10,000 that now send us secure digital files. For updates, visit our notifications page.

Annual Report

In 2020, WES responded rapidly to the pandemic through our programs, products, advocacy, and philanthropy. In our 2020 annual report, read about WES’ work as a business and social impact organization in navigating the unprecedented global circumstances and launching an ambitious five-year strategic plan that will see WES deepening its support and advocacy for international students, immigrants, and refugees.

Response, Recovery, and Driving Equity

This year’s annual report details the ways WES supported international students, immigrants and refugees’ evolving needs amid a pandemic, and the launch of WES’ new 5-year strategic plan.

Mobility, Inclusion, and Impact

This year’s annual report showcases WES’ ongoing efforts to support immigrants, international students, and refugees as they pursue opportunity in the United States and Canada.

Empowering Internationally Educated Individuals to Achieve

This year’s annual report captures the stories of the immigrants, refugees, and international students we seek to empower, examines the impact of our work, and looks toward future challenges and opportunities for WES.

Global Mobility, Academic Recognition, Workforce Integration

Meet the skilled immigrants and international students who are at the core of all WES’ work, and discover how WES rose to the challenges and opportunities that 2017 presented as we sought to find new and innovative ways to further the educational and professional aspirations of those we serve.