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How Long Will It Take to Obtain a WES Credential Evaluation?

Wednesday | February 1, 2023 | by WES Advisor

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Those who are planning to continue their education or career in the United States or Canada will likely need to submit a credential evaluation to potential academic institutions and employers. For this reason, many applicants want to know how long it will take to obtain a WES credential evaluation.

This blog post will address some of the most common questions we receive from applicants about the process and timeline for a WES credential evaluation. 

When will WES start my credential evaluation? 

For WES to start evaluating your credentials, all your required documents must be sent to WES. Once you apply for a WES credential evaluation, you will need to work with your former academic institutions and have them issue your required documents to WES.  

Some academic institutions may take several weeks to process your request and send your documents to WES.  In some cases, WES applicants have experienced delays in obtaining their final credential evaluation because their former institution did not send the required documents in a timely manner. This is why we urge applicants to request their documents from their former academic institutions early in the process.  

To make this process faster and more seamless, we have formed digital partnerships with many institutions around the world that can send an applicant’s required documents via digital channels. If it is not possible for your academic institution to send your files to WES electronically, you can use the Academic Records Request Form to easily submit a request for your documents from your former institution. You can find this form under “My Account.” 

Once WES receives your documents and confirms that you have submitted all the required information and payment, the credential evaluation process begins. We will send you a confirmation email that your documents have been received and an estimated date of completion. 

Even if you do not know who will need to see your credential evaluation report, we always recommend starting the process early. This will ensure that you will be prepared to apply when an academic or employment opportunity presents itself.  

How long will it take to obtain a WES credential evaluation? 

After WES receives all your required documents, the credential evaluation process takes up to seven business days. This timeline only applies to our standard Document-by-Document (DxD) or Course-by-Course (CxC) evaluation reports.  

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) files can take up to 30 business days to complete. 

However, the evaluation process could take longer if your documents require further verification. If we need to verify your documents, we will send your former institution a verification request. Once your institution has responded to our request, we will update your WES account and continue with the credential evaluation.  

How long will WES keep my application active? 

Once you start your WES application, you have 180 days to complete the application, submit payment, and have your required documents sent. After 180 days, your application will become inactive in our system.  

A reactivation fee applies if you would like to reopen the application.  

When is the best time to obtain a WES credential evaluation? 

Some people make the mistake of waiting too long before applying for a credential evaluation, but waiting often leads to delays. Once you have committed to pursuing an education or career in the U.S. or Canada, that is the perfect time to apply for a WES credential evaluation. Remember, a credential evaluation is not only a requirement in many cases—it can help you achieve your educational or professional goals. 

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