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If you’re seeking the best available talent, then you’re likely exploring candidates with international education. But unfamiliar credentials make it harder to securely screen your applicants — while moving quickly enough to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why 2,500+ employers in the U.S. and Canada rely on WES.

Partnering with WES helps your organization tap into qualified, internationally educated talent.

Trusted Verification: 3+ million evaluations authenticated for international students and professionals since 1974.

Unmatched Expertise: Team: 380+ experts from 60+ countries, speaking over 50+ languages. Database: 5,600+ international grading scales, with samples of 28,000+ credentials.

Lifetime Access: WES credential evaluations never expire; applicants can request duplicate copies for further education, employment, or immigration purposes without having to reapply or resend documents.

Embracing Technology: By rapidly prioritizing secure electronic file transfer opportunities, we enabled our applicants to continue pursuing their ambitions in the midst of a global crisis, while strengthening our relationship with 10,000+ institutions globally.

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Recognition and Integration of Skilled Immigrants

When employers and public agencies refer candidates to WES, they can rest assured that their credentials are authenticated and that the institutions that issued them are accredited or recognized. Organizations that help skilled immigrants pursue appropriate educational and employment opportunities can strengthen their services by partnering with WES.

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Licensing & Certification of Internationally Educated Professionals

Professional licensing and certification boards face special challenges when assessing internationally educated candidates, because their academic records can be difficult to interpret and authenticate. By referring these candidates to WES for credential evaluation, licensing boards can facilitate and streamline the screening of candidates educated abroad.

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Learn About Credential Evaluations

WES evaluates academic credentials from more than 48,000 institutions in 203 countries and territories around the world. Our industry-standard reports are recognized by thousands of academic institutions, licensing bodies, and employers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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